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Unhealthy Food Will Wreck Your Health In Time...A Short Time!

Preserve, Protect And Improve Your Health, Know What Foods To Avoid, And Understand Why!Where Do We Go Wrong With The Food We Eat?

Today's modern diet of unhealthy food is so lacking in nutrition compared to the food our ancestors ate before the implementation of processed foods that it is literally unhealthy.

With the advancement of technology, most of our foods are processed and manufactured, and even genetically modified.

Our modern and hectic lifestyles have seemingly "forced" many of us to rely heavily on fast foods, or microwaved and even instant meals. We spend less and less time preparing meals at home from fresh foods.

Even the foods that we do prepare in our own kitchen are often nutritionally depleted by the way we heat or cook it including microwaving and thereby making it unhealthy food.

Even regular cooking, destroys the nutrients and enzymes of fruits and vegetables that our bodies must have in order to create the building blocks and energy to maintain and sustain good health and just as importantly to rebuild and repair our body.

I used to be just like most of us. I thought if it was "food" no matter what it was, or how it was prepared...that if I ate it I would be OK.

It was all food...wasn't it? It was all good...wasn't it? Our government wouldn't let anyone poison us...would they?

Over I got older and especially when I became a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine or as many now call it Oriental Medicine...I learned that unhealthy food was severely damaging my health.

You aren't going to believe this but it is true. Do you know what my first decision was to improve my health back in 1982? I chose to eat burgers from Burger King and quit MacDonalds. Want to know what my rationale was? It was because flame broiled burgers must be healthier than burgers fried on a griddle in all that fat. At least flame broiling would allow most of the fat to drip off.

I was 32 years old, weighed 165 lbs...was fit and played tennis and swam laps...what's the big deal! I was going to be 32 years old forever...know what I mean? I'd be healthy no matter what I eat. It was all food and it was all good, right?

Yep...that's where this all began for me...So don't think I don't understand how tough this can all feel.

Even then...years later when I knew more...there were times and things I was learning about that I just couldn't or didn't want to believe at first.

Like the revelation that dairy is extremely unhealthy food. Oriental Medicine said so and had been saying so for thousands of years.

It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Spleen Qi Deficiency with Dampness and phlegm because of all the symptoms I was having and had been having for a long time and was told to stop eating dairy...

...which I did and to my great surprise and amazement my symptoms dramatically improved...that I became aware that the damage dairy was truly doing to me was real and could be reversed by changing what I ate.

Dairy, among other foods, creates dampness and phlegm in the body and can do many bad things like clogging your arteries.

By learning more and more about the damage certain foods were doing to my body, I began making conscious and incremental efforts to change my eating habits.

I want to share with you some of the basic common foods we all eat without being aware of the damaging impact they have on our health. We have been erroneously taught that some of these foods are "healthy".

It's Time You Learned What Is Wrong With The Standard American Dier or SAD! You Need To Know Why It Is Unhealthy Food

If you are following the path laid out for you by the Holistic Medicine Detective...then it is best to by-pass the following detours at this time...we will come to each of these in a step-by-step fashion after we complete this page. Yes we will take everyone of these off ramps in order.

For those of you exploring this site without the guidance of the Holistic Medicine Detective...pursue your interests...

However, the most elegant way to navigate through this site if you are seeking to learn how to improve your own health is to click on the Navigation Bar Button labeled the "Holistic Med Detective".

Please click here to learn what is wrong with the Standard American Diet

You Need To Know More About Manufactured And Processed Food And What They Can Do To Your Health And Your Children's Health!

Please click here to learn about the dangers of processed food and manufactured foods.

Learn Why Reducing And Even Eliminating Soft Drinks or Soda Pop From Your Diet Is So Important! Soft Drinks and Sodas Are Unhealthy Food

Please click here to learn why you should stop drinking soft drinks or sodas now!

Learn Why Reducing And Even Eliminating Dairy Products (Cow's Milk Stuff) From Your Diet Is So Important! Dairy Based Food Is Unhealthy Food

Please click here to learn why eliminating dairy from your diet will improve your health!

Learn Why Reducing And Even Eliminating Your Consumption of White Sugar or White Refined Sugar Is Important To Your Health And How It Is Historically Linked To The Rise In Diabetes, Heart Disease And Cancer!

Please click here to learn why white sugar or white refined sugar is dangerous to your health.

Learn Why Reducing And Even Eliminating Your Consumption Of White Flour or White Refined Flour And The Products Made From It Is Important To Your Health And How It Is Historically Linked To The Rise In Diabetes, Heart Disease And Cancer!

Please click here to go to the information page about White Flour Or White Refined Flour.

If You Are Following On The Path Of The Holistic Medicine Detective Here Are Your Next Clue On Your Adventurous Journey To Learning How To Become Your Own Holistic Medicine Detective.

The next step in our hunt for clues about improving your own health and becoming your own Holistic Medicine Detective is to learn about the Standard American Diet or (SAD). What makes the food of the Standard American Diet unhealthy food?

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