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White Sugar Or White Refined Sugar Is Unhealthy Food!

The Rise In Consumption of White Sugar or White Refined Sugar Is Historically Linked To The Rise In Diabetes, Heart Disease And Cancer!

The white sugar or white refined sugar problem.

It was not until around the time of Louis XIV of France that the mills that ground grains and other foods became sophisticated enough and people determined enough to grind cane sugar into white sugar.

Until that time everyone ate mostly unsweetened products or products sweetened with honey or unrefined sugar cane sugar. Ah, but some enterprising budding food scientist managed to refine unrefined sugar cane into white refined sugar which went hand in glove along with white refined flour and right into all those light and fluffy pastries the French are historically famous for.

The consumption of white sugar or white refined sugar has increased astronomically since that time as did the incidence of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer which were almost unheard of at the time.

You see the peasants could not afford refined sugar or white cost, relatively speaking a "kings ransom" to buy compared the the crudely refined cane sugar or whole wheat or other whole grain flours.

And do you know what there was no increase of Heart Disease, Diabetes or Cancers among them. They remained as healthy as ever and the Doctors of that time were completely baffled.

Here Is How The Damage Is Done To Our Body!

The white sugar or white refined sugar problem

It should come as no surprise that human bodies get energy from food. Yes, and the air we breath and the water we drink, but this is about the food we eat.

We can healthfully fulfill this need by eating whole foods like whole grains, vegetables, beans or lentils; or fruits and from oils that come from plants like cold pressed olive oil. We also get energy from proteins including meat of various kinds.

However, with improvements in technological came the ability to highly refine sugar, extracting all the sweetness and disposing of the nutrients and enzymes that come with the raw source of the food that enables us to digest it properly.

White refined sugar is dangerous to your health because it is lacking any enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

So called brown sugar is usually white refined sugar with added molasses...not good for your health...

Turbinado sugar or unrefined natural cane sugar is much better for your healh as is honey.

If you have blood sugar problems, it is important to know that glucose, honey and syrup cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

If what ever the sugar you are eating is not required by the body, it is deposited in "storage" as fats.

In better under standing the digestive mechanics of what happens when the blood sugar level rises, the pancreas releases insulin into the blood stream. Insulin regulates the level of blood sugar.

When we eat foods with white refined sugar it is important to know that this food releases sugar fast.

It therefore is said to have a high glycemic index, and unfortunately our body often over-reacts to the increase in blood sugar by producing more insulin than would do the job.

This causes blood sugar levels to fall more quickly than normal, and this many times causes us to want to eat more sweet stuff to bring the blood sugar levels back up to a more normal level, but over shoots the mark which sets off another injection of insulin creating another blood sugar crisis.

Over time, these blood sugar crisis lead to a reduction in the body's ability to respond to sugar leading to what is often called insulin resistance and blood sugar levels stay too high.

Too much sugar in the blood damages nearly every cell and can cause very severe long-term damage to the body.

In the long term this can lead to things as mild as insomnia and obesity, or as bad as insulin dependent diabetes, polycystic ovary disease, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, sores and wounds that don't heal and even amputation of legs and arms.

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