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Holistic Emotional Health Considerations

Holistically Speaking What Is The Difference Between Healthy Emotional Function And Emotional Dysfunction?

What is Holistic Emotional Health?

Many people are confused about emotions and the role they play in life and the impact they do have on our health.

First, emotions are normal and healthy and necessary for optimal human function. They are our personal responses to the events of our daily lives. Without emotions we would not know what felt good or bad, what we like or do not like.

In this sense emotions, if we listen to them, can guide us in positive directions in our life like a compass can point to the direction we want to go. You don't continue to do what doesn't work or what makes you unhappy, do you?

Among the misconceptions about emotions, many of us have been taught that some emotions are good, (i.e. Happiness, joy, love, etc.), and some emotions are bad (i.e. anger, frustration, etc.). The truth is all emotions are "good".

Emotions only become "bad" and become harmful when we don't express them completely or appropriately. This is as true of love as it is of anger.

The reason for this is that when we are not feeling/expressing our emotions we are either denying or repressing them. And in repressing or denying our emotions, we are setting ourselves up for future pain or dysfunction.

You know you haven't effectively released emotions from an event that happened in the past when every time you think about the event, you feel angry, hurt or in pain.

Another misconception about emotions is that emotions should be or are logical and rational. Emotions are not. Emotions have nothing to do with logic and reason and how we think we should feel in a given situation.

Emotions are what they are and what we experience when we feel them.

Sadly, too many people do not really feel their emotions. Many simply think about feeling their emotions. This often has drastic and negative consequences for even or physical health.

Society and those who want to manipulate and control others have pushed the ideas that it is not important to think your own thoughts, let alone feel your emotions...

Nothing could be further from the truth and more harmful to your health and the health of a free Democratic society, culture and country.

In short, emotional health involves the free expression of our emotions which means you must feel them and feel them fully and express them fully...and appropriately with harm to none.

What Happens To Emotions That Are Stuffed (not expressed) And How Does That Affect Us?

We unknowingly and automatically put the energy of these unreleased emotions in various parts of our body (e.g. organs, muscles, joints and other cellular structures) where at some point they can manifest as symptoms (e.g. aches, pains, and worse dysfunctions).

Essentially, stuffed emotions can manifest as part of any symptom we may have.

Often repressing, stuffing, denying emotions results in depression.

From a Holistic Emotional Health perspective, not all physical problems have an emotional component, but it is surprising how many do.

Generally speaking, a physical problem which has an emotional component will not go away no matter what you do. No physical healing method (Acupuncture, Chiropractic, massage, drugs, surgery, etc.) will resolve the problem completely.

Often with only physical therapies the problem will diminish temporarily but return, sometimes with just as much intensity as before. If you can release the emotions the body will heal itself.

SSETtm comes in to play here by prompting your body to release the stuck emotional energy, SSETtm allows the healing process to complete itself!

Can Painful Events From The Past Be Contributing To My Anxiety or Depression?

Yes. When we were children, teenagers, young adults or even yesterday, events may have happened that were overwhelming.

Perhaps the emotions felt impossible to stay with because they were so intense or even scary and so rather feeling them fully and for as long as necessary to completely release them, we change the subject, so to speak, and repress or deny them.

An example is a person who experiences the death of a loved one, and yet does not mourn and grieve at the time.

This person may appear unaffected and keep on with their daily routines only to have the denied emotions become physical symptoms or come up as depression.

I have treated many people who were suffering from unexpressed grief who needed help to free themselves enough feel and release their grief.

They usually come to see me when they are beginning to have physical symptoms. The irony is that with SSETtm they do not have to suffer for days and weeks. We can usually clear the most painful emotions from a specific event in a one-hour session. Holistic Emotional Health treatments are safe, effective.

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