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Back Pain...Including Low Back Pain Relief Is Easy With My Acupuncture!

Back Pain Has Only One Natural Enemy! My Unique Style of Acupuncture Performed Masterfully!

Back pain has many possible causes from arthritis to degenerative disc disease to bulging and herniated discs...

All the causes of back pain while many, can be healed without drugs or surgery...

I know, I know you go to your orthopedic Doctor or Surgeon and all you hear from them is about how you have two choices....

One choice is to be on strong pain medication for the rest of your life and be numb and out of it...a drug addict to legal prescription drugs.

The other choice you are offered is back surgery of some type as your final solution. What they often fail to mention is that neither option is any good and back surgery is worse than a crap shoot...And according to many recent articles a scam and often worse than doing nothing.

And if you get adjustments from your Chiropractor they seem to help for a few days or a week or two and then you are right back in there for another series of adjustments.

Or they want you to come once or twice a week for preventative adjustments.

How would you like to have a few weeks of my unique style of pain-free professional acupuncture and be "pain free"!

No more pain medications, fears about surgery or huge drain on your pocket book.

Did The Wall Street Journal Have An Article About Medical Kick Backs From Pharmaceutical Companies And Spinal Device Manufacturers To Get You To Have Often Ineffective And Un-necessary Surgery?

On December 20, 2010 the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled, "Top Spine Surgeons Reap Royalties, Medicare Bounty"

There are two main thrusts to this article...

The first is that Surgeons are being bribed by device manufacturer's to do more back surgery...specifically spinal fusions which use their very expensive hardware...plates, rods and screws.

"conservative spine surgeons argue that a spinal fusion is appropriate only for a small number of conditions such as spinal instability, spinal fracture, or severe curvature of the spine known as scoliosis and that financial incentives have caused the procedure to become overused."

"the screws used to drill into bone, known as pedicle screws sell for $1,000 or $2,000 apiece, but cost less than $100.00 to make."

The Wall Street Journal article continues by saying, "Some recent studies have suggested poor outcomes for spinal fusion. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA in April (2010) found that Medicare patients with a condition called spinal stenosis who had more than two vertebrae fused, a procedure known as a complex fusion, were nearly three times more likely to have life-threatening complications than patients who had a less invasive procedure known as a decompression."

"Another study of workers' compensation cases published this year in the online edition of the journal Spine showed that patients who had a spinal fusion where much less likely to return to work within two years after their surgery than a group of patients with similar conditions who didn't have surgery, and that 27% of those who had surgery had to be re-operated on.

Their rate of permanent disability was more than 5 times as high as the patients whose spines weren't fused and their daily intake of powerful narcotic painkillers increased 41% after surgery.

The Study's lead authors, Trang Nguyen and David Randolph of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, said magnetic resonance imaging scans of the spines of 8 of 725 patients who had a fusion "were perfectly normal," suggesting their surgeries were unnecessary."

Please look up this article for yourself...there is a lot more valuable information there.

Here Is Truth You Need To Know. Is Back Pain Always Caused By Obvious Objective Evidence? No.

It doesn't matter whether someones spine is imaged by x-ray or MRI or CT Scan here are the facts...

A person's spine could look like it was falling apart and they have never had back pain in their life...

Another person's spine could look perfect and they have excruciating back pain.

A couple of facts and bit of truth you need to know...

Even if there is evidence of a physical problem like degenerative disc disease or herniation of a disc or spinal stenosis, most of the pain comes from underlying blockage of the flow of Qi and Blood through the Qi meridians or channels through the affected area.

You may surgically "fix" a problem and still have pain and deterioration of function because of the stagnation of the flow of Qi and Blood through the channels or meridians of the painful area.

This is a big secret the conventional practitioner's of medicine don't want you to know...Acupuncture is more often successful in alleviating back pain and making it a thing of the past for most people than anything of their drugs or surgeries.

I personally have helped 95% of those who came to me for treatment of back pain, no matter what the cause. Most of that 95% became pain free.

One last bit of food for thought. Whether acupuncture works or not it will not harm you or leave you worse off than you were before. But let me assure you it works and will not harm you or leave you worse off.

Not Too Long Ago A Woman Came To Me Barely Able To Move With The Aid Of A Walker After She Got Out Of Her Wheel Chair

This woman told me her story.

She had been in an accident and had developed back pain and she also had "sciatica" or "sciatic pain"...this is pain that radiates from the lower back down one or both legs...sometimes all the way to the foot. But she could walk without any assistance...the pain was the problem. So, she sought help for the pain.

She hooked up with an orthopedic surgeon who promised her relief and fused her she can hardly walk with the aid of a of those things with handle bars, a frame and two wheels in the front and skids in the back that you push to hold you up...

She told me her surgeon told her that her surgery had been a success. But in the course of interviewing her she told me that she was losing her ability to walk...I ask you, how could that be called success?

...As gently as I could I pointed out that the surgery was supposed to get her out of pain and preserve her ability to function...and yet here she was on high doses of pain-killers and daily losing more of her ability to walk even with a walker.

I Will Help You Become Pain Free Without Drugs Or Surgery! Call 941-926-4711 For A Free Consultation Or To Schedule Your Appointment!

My Acupuncture Clinic is located less than 5 miles South of Westfield (Sarasota Square) Mall, just South of Oscar Scherer State Park in Osprey on US 41 and North of Rosebud's Restaurant. 2145 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey, FL 34229.

Call 941-926-4711 for your free consultation or to schedule your first appointment.

I serve the communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, Northport, FL.

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J.R. Sarasota, FL

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