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Medical Imaging Dangers!Sometimes It's Not What Is Wrong With You That Will Kill You...It's The Medical Imaging Method You Choose That May Kill You!

Learn Which Medical Imaging Tests Are Safest

Medical Imaging Technology is often used in order to get a picture of what is happening inside your body.

There are a number of pretty much harmless Imaging possibilities...however there is one that can kill you.

Warning: Never, never, ever have a CAT Scan or as they are more commonly known today a CT Scans...

These are documented to expose you to incredibly high levels of radiation. Most of the world now knows that exposure to radiation is cumulative over your lifetime and that radiation exposure is proven to cause cancer when the cumulative levels are high enough...

Children are especially vulnerable to cancer from radiation exposure...

If for any reason your Doctor denies CT scans are the most dangerous of imaging techniques and do increase your risk of or cause as fast as you can away from this Doctor.

He or she is either lying...and/or owns and operates CT Scan equipment and therefore makes money directly from such testing...

...or gets paid referral fees for recommending this test or owns stock in companies that make, sell or use such equipment.

There have been recent major articles in many publications about these dangers including ABC News, the conservative Wall Street Journal and US News and World Report and Reuters. I am providing you with links to these articles below.

Please click here to read the Wall Street Journal Article.

Please click here to read the US News and World Report article.

Please click here to read the ABC News article.

Please click here to read the Reuters article.

You can find more information by Googling "CT scans and cancer risk."

There Are Other...Safer And Even Less Expansive Medical Imaging Methods Than CT Scans

Sonograms are the least expensive of these diagnostic tests and provide just as good results as any of the others mentioned above and as far as is known now likely do not cause any harm.

X-rays are more expensive generally speaking then sonograms. And do come with some minimal exposure to x-ray radiation as compared to the massive exposure you get from CT or CAT scans.

And then there is the Cadillac of Imaging Tests (at least in terms of cost) the MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

A sonogram is really all you will usually need for most problems and it is a bargain and is the safest of all the other imaging tests.

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