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Why These Holistic Health Links Are Important To You!

I am providing these Holistic Health Links and Green Living Links here to share with you as much information as I can about how and why taking a Holistic Medicine and Health approach to everything in your life will improve your health and your life.

Here is why I feel that a Holistic Health - Natural Health approach to living our lives is an imperative for each one of us.

If you don't already know it there are many forces out there who want your money and don't give a damn about the effects their products or services have on you...

This whole website is about getting the truth to you about what is safe and effective and natural meaning the only "Plant" the chemicals come from is Mother Nature's Plants.

On my personal journey of discovery about how healing actually works I discovered that...

pharmaceutical drugs are toxic and killers...that most vitamins are made of the same things as are the drugs...

that surgery is many times recommended and often does more harm than good...and the statistics prove it...

"Better Living Through Chemistry" was a marvelously successful marketing slogan for the Petro-Chemical Corporations and other providers of toxic chemicals, but a dangerously deceptive lie told to us about the safety of artificially created chemical products on our health...

that the "Best Medical System In The World" is the best medical system in the world for insurance companies, the AMA, hospitals, managed care providers, Wall Street and every other involved player without a conscience...

Our current health care system is broken and it is dangerous to your health and your bank account...

You have to learn how to protect yourself and your family from Medical predators and find information about what truly does "no harm" and promotes your body's healing abilities.

No pharmaceutical drug has ever done anything to heal the root cause of any health problem...only your body can do that and only if it has the nutrition and pure environment it requires for optimal health.

The links that follow are from providers of services and natural products who do have a conscience and have proven integrity.

When I refer you to a website that is in itself a referral source to other product and service providers, I cannot vouch for anyone they promote since I am not in control of anything that they do...

But the referral sites I do provide links to are as responsible as anyone who provides such information can be. I do not endorse the products or services of anyone you find on such websites. It is best to check anyone you intend to do business with yourself...Think of these sites as an elaborate yellow pages of the world.

However, when I provide a link to a specific provider of products and services...

I have personally checked them out and can vouch for their honesty, integrity and the value of their products and services...

If you find that any of the providers of products and services I do recommend does not live up to your expectations let me know and I will personally intervene for you. If we do not get a satisfying resolution to your problem I will remove such a company or organization from these links pages.

This links page is a work in progress. I will be adding more and more links over time.

This "Green" Company...Solay Wellness... Has Almost All The Natural Products You Will Ever Need!

I have chemical sensitivities that can make my life hell. What do I mean by this?

Have you ever walked into a paint store, or a big box store and started feeling ill, by which I mean brain fogged - suddenly couldn't think clearly, fatigued, heavy, even sick? If so, you are not alone.

We are exposed and over exposed to chemical pollutants in a vast array of products from electrical products to clothing with their dyes and other chemicals to pesticides and cleaning products.

In your home you are exposed to toxic chemicals in every cleaning product you purchase from dish washing detergent to clothes washing detergent, to hand washing soaps and more.

As I mentioned above whoever coined the phrase "better living through chemistry" was trying to sell us something and all these years later data has proven this phrase to be conclusively wrong. They more honestly could have said, "there are no safe levels of chemicals in any thing made of chemicals".

We absorb (by contact or inhalation) dangerous chemicals from our plastic food wraps and containers and water containers, soaps -whether dish, laundry, hand or body washes and products, deodorants, tooth paste, shampoos, facial cleansing products, and household cleaning products, name it.

Read the ingredient label on anything you buy nearly anywhere and you will be bombarded by a list of chemical names that you have no idea the toxicity of, but most have been deemed toxic and harmful by those concerned with chemical toxicity and its effects on ourselves and on our world.

I'll give you a personal example of chemical dangers. We were recently at a family celebration at a local restaurant and were about to leave when I happened to glance at my 80 year old mother's hands. I could not believe what I saw. Her hands looked like the hands of a cadaver.

I am not exaggerating one little bit. I was, needless to say, shocked, appalled, horrified and even grief stricken with fear that she was dying. The skin on her hands was darkened, dead looking.

Every vein and tendon stood out in stark contrast in the absence of healthy flesh. Above her wrist everything looked normal for her age. She is actually very healthy and looks much younger than her age.

As you can imagine it took me a few minutes to pull myself together. I started by asking her if she was sick, had any symptoms, etc...I was relieved when she told me that she felt fine...

I finally I asked her what she had been putting on her hands or what she had been putting her hands into. She told us that when she did the laundry, whites, she would add detergent and chlorine bleach and let the tub fill up with water. Inevitably some clothes would not be wet yet. So, she pushed them down into the detergent and chlorine bleach laden water with her bare hands. She would then rinse her hands off.

This was not smart. But in years of occasionally doing so it had never done the kind of damage that I saw that day.

I advised her, to put it mildly to stop doing that and to stop using chlorine bleach at all since chlorine is a deadly poison by touch or inhalation. I recommended that she use another much less toxic product instead and that she never put her hands in even that water.

To heal the damage I recommended that she put organic, pure Aloe Vera Gel on her skin hourly and olive oil afterward. Two days later her hands looked 50% better. In a week they had returned to normal. Thank God, a disaster in the making was reversed.

Suffice it to say, that there are natural options, safe, effective options to all chemically based products.

I firmly believe you will be blown away by what is available that is holistic, natural and green and that works better than the chemical based products.

I have looked long and hard for products that worked and were good not only for me health wise, but for my patients and clients, the environment and the world.

I am so happy to have found a source of natural, green, products that you can trust. I am confident you will love the company, its warranties, its customer service and most importantly its products which can change your life forever for the better.

Let's Start With Solay's Fair Trade Salt Lamps!

Why Start With Salt Lamps? What Are Salt Lamps?

Breathe in the fresh forest air or a cool salt breeze from the ocean and you feel more relaxed...more alive.

Connection to nature and the earth is crucial for health. In the forest the dense trees create an oxygen-rich environment that nourishes our entire body. And ocean breezes are highly charged with healthy negative ions that nourish our cells.

While we can't always be near a forest or the ocean, we can duplicate some of their benefits by bringing natural elements into our indoor environment. Houseplants become our “forest” to oxygenate indoor air. Pure Crystal Salt lamps ionize indoor air, simulating the cell-nourishing ions of an ocean breeze.

With their gentle glow and organic shapes, Solay Crystal Salt Lamps are simply beautiful… and beautifully simple. Each one-of-a-kind lamp is hand-chiseled to preserve its primordial energy from a solid block of crystal salt, hand-excavated from millions-year-old pristine sea beds at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Polish Salt Caves and rare Persian Salt Beds.

These natural works of art work wonders for our health. Just as crystal salt caves are used to promote healing and cure breathing ailments, the healthy ions created by Crystal Salt Lamps help oxygenate and purify our air.

Users of Crystal Salt Lamps report improved breathing and immune system function, and an enhanced sense of well-being from regular use.

Nature also renews us because living things resonate at a frequency supported in an organic environment—and this can be disrupted by EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) from mobile phones, computers and electrical devices. Pure crystal salt has harnessed the earth’s energy for eons and resonates at a frequency that combats EMF pollution.

Solay natural salt lamps are coveted for the rich mineral content that gives them their unique glow. We are picky about picking only the finest, working with artisans dedicated to sustainability and fair trade… and to creating beautiful, safe lamps that last a lifetime.


"Hi! I received my second order of salt lamps and salt. They are so beautiful!!! I have one in my bedroom and it really helps me and my husband sleep better. I have much less congestion and he has fewer problems with apnea. We love it! I bought each of my parents one and one for each of my children as Christmas presents"—Christina

"This is me, Dr. Eichenauer...I have suffered from severe almost debilitating allergy symptoms for over 30 years, nothing not herbs or acupuncture or NAET helped my particular symptoms which were more a feeling of fatigue and brain fog or difficulty thinking...not feeling bright and clear headed.

In late July 2011, I finally bought a set of Himalayan Salt Lamps from Solay. I now use them in my home and office.

Not only are my allergies diminishing, but my energy has been improving as well.

I used to go into my office and feel abnormally more and more tired the longer I was there. I always suspected there was something noxious in the A/C ducts that was getting to me. Now I go into my office and my energy stays high.

These natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps really work and cost almost nothing to run having only a 15 watt bulb as the only replaceable part. You just plug them in and they create the life enhancing negative ions which freshens and purifies the air you breathe.

I got enough lamps for both my home and office for half the price of an Oreck Professional air purifier. And I own and have used one of these. Besides the Oreck put out ozone to purify the air and it is toxic and according to California scientists a cancer causing agent.

Nothing I have ever tried has so benefited my particular airborne allergy problem."-Dr. Glenn Eichenauer, DOM, AP, Florida

Get All Your Questions About Green Living Answered!

Wow! Have I found a great Green Living Information website for you...The Green Living Expert. These people are on a mission. If you can't find good information here on just about any topic affecting "Green Living" you won't find it anywhere.

Click here to go to the Green Living Expert Website.

Natural Eye Care - Heal Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy Naturally

There is a natural eye care revolution happening right now and it is being lead by Acupuncturists.

Marc Grossman, OD, LAc, describes himself as a behavioral optometrist. He has been treating "incurable" eye diseases for over 20 years, and he is determinedly eager to get the word out that eyes can heal and vision can improve!

He has written books for his patients and the general public to educate them about how to care for their eyes.

Dr. Grossman, OD, LAc maintains a busy eye care practice in New Paltz, New York, but still offers free support and consultations to patients and practitioners. He lectures around the world about healing eye diseases because he knows that so many eye diseases can be prevented with natural eye care and nutrition.

Click here to go to visit Dr. Grossman website for more information.

Self Help from is one of the most complete guides to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

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