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Juicing For Health Is One of The Most Important And Effective Way
To Improve Your Health
That Has Ever Been Invented!

If You Have Come To This Page Looking For Ways To Take Anabolic Steroids For Strength Or Muscle Bulk This Is Not Your Page! We Are Not Talking About That Kind of Juicing...

Making Juice Out Of Fruits And Vegetables
Can Reverse Even Cancer
As Has Been Reported Elsewhere!
Fruit And Vegetable Juices Are That Powerful!

On This Page And Those Linked To It I Will Tell You All You Need To Know To Get Started With Your Fruit and Vegetable Juicing Program.

Juicing For Health is about using healthy food in the most effective and efficient way possible to nourish and heal your body. You may not know a thing about Juicing fruits and vegetables for health and healing...but you can learn all you need to know about juicing for health here.

What Could Possibly Stop You
From Taking Simple, Highly Effective
And Inexpensive Steps To Improve Your Health?

There are really only a couple of erroneous beliefs and misinformation, or lack of understanding that tend to stop us from improving our health ourselves and from living a long, healthy and happy life life. The main ones are:

  • The erroneous belief that we can't live a long and happy life in spite of the examples of youthful and energetic older people around us. This lack of belief in the natural healing powers and longevity factors built into our bodies often results in a "why sucks and then you die" kind of attitude that can stop us from even trying to take care of ourselves.
  • The next thing that can stop us is "it doesn't matter what you eat; it's all food and it's all good. If you can put it in your mouth and swallow it, it's food...Whatever McDonald's sells is food right? It's all food right? Besides no one really knows which foods are harmful." Most of us do not even know that there are huge differences in the value to the health of our body of the kinds and sources of food we eat.

These attitudes and wrong-headed beliefs are promoted and  fostered by Corporate Farming and Corporate Food Processing Companies and many parts of the MD health care system, especially the Pharmaceutical Drug companies.

  • Not adhering to a lifelong regimen of wholesome diet and regular exercise because no one told us we had to, if we wanted to be healthy in our world as it is today.

Fortunately, in regard to exercise for health we only need minimal exercise and movement to maintain the integrity and healthy functioning of our body.Let's put major focus on food for now.

The good news if we can see how silly the things that stop us are...we can easily change our behavior. Right?...


But you need to take action now! You need to learn about healthy eating and exercise and start your own program now. It's almost never too late!

Let's begin your education...Juicing for health is about one of the best ways to eat your fruits and vegetables! This is especially true if you are sick.

There Are Two Main And Huge Causes of Degenerative and Chronic Disease:
The First Is Eating Foods That Are Bad For You.
The Second Is Eating Foods With Little or No Nutritional Value!

Nutritional deficiencies are among the most common and least acknowledged contributors to the development of disease and illness in our modern world. To put it very simply most people are not eating balanced diets centered around whole, pure and natural foods.

Raw Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a broad array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other substances not yet known to science. We have all heard that we should eat more fruits and vegetables in order to improve our health. Juicing for health is just what the doctor ordered.

Juicing fruits and vegetables for health is the most efficient and effective way to consume fruits and vegetables for health.

If you will do this, you can throw away your fake...artificially made vitamins.You should throw them away anyway if they are not made from food but rather from chemicals.

Did you know that unless the vitamins you are taking are clearly labeled as being from natural foods, then they are made in the laboratory from toxic chemical substances such as coal tar and other petroleum derivatives just like pharmaceutical drugs are?

Did you know this? Do you know this?

While they may be - chemical formulation wise - "identical" to the vitamins found in foods or fresh juices, they have only a fraction of the nutritional value found in fruits and vegetables.

It is an understatement to say that synthetic vitamins are not absorbed by the body as readily as those found in natural foods.

Studies have shown when synthetic vitamins are added to processed foods they are unable to sustain human life. There are two reasons for this:

  • They are missing something that scientists have not been able to synthesize in the laboratory.
  • They are basically toxic and damage humans because they are made from toxic substances. We cannot assimilate or eliminate chemicals that do not come from food sources.

If you are taking fake vitamins made from chemicals, I'd advise you to throw them away or give them to someone you don't like...(just kidding)...but throw them away. No chemical creation ever gave any human body or what it needs to grow and thrive. The same is true of plants fertilized by chemical fertilizers.

Compared to Synthetic Vitamins, the vitamins and other nutritional factors in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, grains and grasses and juice made from them are vastly superior and were design by Nature and God to supply high quality nutrition capable of not only sustaining human life but sparking it to thrive.

At no time in the history of our planet prior to the 1940s have human beings ever eaten food or taken medicine made from toxic substances. Juicing for health can minimize and even eliminate most of these toxins from your diet.

One Pint Of Fresh Vegetable Juice Contains
All The Nutritional Value You Would Get From Eating Two Large Vegetable Salads!

And the human body assimilates these nutrients in minutes in juiced form. This saves the body a huge amount of energy it would normally expend to break down and digest the vegetables that are found in salad.

Benefits of juicing for health:

You get premium nutrition...

  • Better than that which comes via the most expensive synthetic vitamins!
  • Better than that which comes from the most expensive organic vitamin supplements!
  • Better than that which comes from cooked food!
  • Better than that which comes from pasteurized juice from stores!
  • Better than that which come from eating fresh whole fruits and vegetables! Because it take energy to break even vegetables down.
  • When you drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices your body has more energy to do other things, (besides spending up to 80% of its energy on digestion) like maintaining and repairing itself, thus eliminating degenerative diseases!
  • You have more energy to do the activities you want to do in life, especially when you are older and have less energy than when you were in your 20s and 30s!

You just can't obtain better or higher quality nutrition any other way than with juicing for health!

Reasons Why Some Of Us Don't Like To Eat
Fruits And Vegetables:

  • One reason might be that you don't really like fresh fruits and vegetables because of the way they taste....and therefore you don't eat enough of them to make a difference in improving your health.
  • For others you may not like to eat fresh vegetables because of the way they make you feel after eating them. Some who eat raw vegetables may feel very tired...raw vegetables take quite a bit of energy from the body to digest, not as much a meat and heavy complex dishes like pizza and some cheese based pastas, but quite a bit anyway.
  • You might be one of those who likes fruit and vegetables better when they are cooked in some fashion. However, cooking fruits and vegetables destroys much of the nutritional value of these foods and certainly destroys most or all of the vital enzymes they provide.
  • You might not like fresh fruits and vegetables because you were never encouraged to eat them.
  • Or, even perhaps you don't like cooked vegetables because the person who did the cooking was a bad cook...I'm not kidding here...have you ever eaten over cooked vegetables like the over cooked ones you might find in a school cafeteria...Yuck!
  • You might not like fruits and vegetables at all and that is too bad...and something you need to change as fast as you can.

Juicing for health is the solution to all of these problems that may impede our desire to eat more fruits and vegetables and it is the key to overcoming all the above objections.

I'll be honest with you...I don't really enjoy eating whole fruits or vegetables as much as I should...but I love Fruit Smoothies and I love drinking vegetable juice...

Truly juicing for health was the perfect solution for me. So, I'm just saying, "try it you just might like it". I know you will love the way it makes you feel!

Honestly, most people who start juicing are quick to admit that it is so easy and the unique qualities of juice made from the process are even more delicious than the fruits and vegetables from which they are made.

Here Are The Links To Pages On This Website About Food And Nutrition
That You Will Need To Be Successful!

My goal is to make sure you have all the information you need in order to improve your health all by yourself inexpensively by juicing for health.

If you need my help, I am available for consultation.

That's why I created pages on this website to give you the information you need implement your own successful juicing for health program. I'm not going to let you down.

1. Juicing Tips. I have created a page on this site with Important Tips For Juicing Successfully and with out problems. Please click here to learn about these must know tips for successful and problem free juicing.

2. Juicing Frequently Asked Questions. I have created a page on this site with Frequently Asked Questions about juicing fruits and vegetables for health that you will likely want to read to answer the many questions you may have about juicing concerns. Please click here to learn the answers to these must know frequently asked questions for successful and problem free juicing.

3. Healing And Healthy Foods. I have created a page on this site about Healing And Healthy Foods so that you can discover how powerfully healing certain foods are. Trust me it will blow your mind how powerful certain foods are for healing...most of them can be juiced. Click here to take a peek at my "Healing Foods" page so you can see how much information you are going to have at your fingertips here on this site.

4. Vegetable And Fruit Juicing Recipes. I have created a page on this site with vegetable and fruit juicing recipes. Click here to take a peek at my "Vegetable and Fruit Juicing Recipe Page" page so you can see more information you are going to have at your fingertips here on this site.

5. Fruit Smoothie Recipes. I have another page on this site that provides you with fruit smoothie recipes. Click here to take a peek at my "Fruit Smoothie Recipe Page" page so you can see this additional information you are going to have at your fingertips here on this site.

6. Get My Help. If you need help and want to work with me, here is a link to my Holistic Doctor Consultation Information or as I like to call it my "Dr. At-A-Distance" page which tells you how to get my help and get in touch with me for consultations and herbal treatment. Click here to take a peek at my Holistic Health Consultation or as I like to call it my "Dr. At-A-Distance" program page so you can learn more about how I can help you and find out how the program works.

Now That You Have Chosen To Start Juicing For Health...
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