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Juicing Frequently Asked Questions...Answers You Need To Begin Your Successful Program of Juicing For Your Health

How Safe Are Fruit Juices?

The juicing frequently asked questions and concerns I am going to address below are not major concerns. The health benefits of fruits far outweigh almost any of these concerns.

A common very important question for most people who want to start a juicing for health is, "how safe is it to drink fruit juices?" Here's what I can tell you about each aspect of this concern.

Concern No. 1: What About The Sugar In Fruits.

Of course, if you don't fall into the category of those who have blood sugar problems or yeast infections such as Candidiasis, there is simply no need for you to avoid fruit juices.

The natural sugar in fruits are easily assimilated and digested, unlike white refined table sugar which is especially harmful to the body.

Fruits generally have a low glycemic index, which means that it doesn't make the glucose level in the blood rise as fast and as high as a food with a high glycemic index like white refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

However, when giving any fruit juice to young children, always dilute the juice with water. For example do not give them more than half an apple as apples have a natural laxative effect that may cause diarrhea.

Examples of very sweet fruits are pineapple, grapes and mangoes. Dilute these with water for children or if you experience any difficulties your self.

Concern 2: What About The Pesticides They Spray On Fruit And Vegetables?

We know that unless it is certified "organic" commercially-grown fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.

For some of us this is not something that we can avoid, as not all of us are blessed with easy access to organic-pesticide-free produce or can find sources we can afford.

One very effective way to remove these poisons from fruits and vegetables is to soak them in clean water with a mixture of a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar and some sea salt or peel what you can peel.

After soaking your fruits or vegetable for about 10 minutes you likely will start to notice the water smell. This means the pesticide is coming off. Wait a few more minutes and then rinse the vegetables again and it's ready for juicing. Do the same thing for fruits.

Both centrifugal and gear juicers eliminate much of the toxic chemicals from your juice.

Concern 3: What About The Wax They Sometimes Put On Fruit?

What about the wax on fruits, like apples? A thin layer of wax is often applied to apples to prevent it from shriveling and weight loss, and improving its shelf life.

The wax used on fruits like apples is non-petroleum based, natural and edible, but I peel apples anyway.

Just so you know a lot of the nutrients are concentrated just under the skin. So, if you peel the skin off, you will lose some nutrition. Even so, because of this concern you may prefer to peel off the skin just to be safe.

The decision is up to you. Personally, I prefer to be safe.

What Do I Do With The Pulp?
Does It Have Any Value?
Is It Anything To Be Concerned About?

Another juicing frequently asked question is what to do with the pulp, or the fiber, which is also known as roughage or bulk.

These are the parts of the fruits/vegetables that your juicer ejects when it separates the juices from the fruit or vegetables you are juicing.

There are two categories of fiber - soluble and insoluble fiber. Your body needs both of these. When consumed, these fibers do not get digested but passes through your digestive system unchanged.

Fiber adds bulk to your stool and softens it, helping to prevent constipation.

Some people like to add the pulp back to the juice for its fiber. It may take a slightly longer time to digest but it is also very healthy if your fruits and vegetables are organic.

Of course when you make a fruit smoothie, you get the fiber too!

Getting enough fiber in your diet lowers the risk of hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis (formation of small pouches in the colon that can become infected) and soluble fiber lowers blood cholesterol levels and slows the absorption of sugar, reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Having said that...

I would only add the pulp back to my juice for these added health benefits if the fruits and vegetables that it came from were strictly organic, since the fiber is where a lot of toxic substances get stored in fruits and vegetables.

I personally put any pulp from my juicing in my compost pile.

Ejecting or trapping pulp is one of the ways in which juicing substantially reduces the pesticide load of fruit and vegetable juice over just eating non-organic fruits and vegetables.

However, for example, if you use organic carrots to make carrot juice you can very healthfully use the pulp to make carrot cake for example.  

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