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Quick And Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes!

To Get You Started On Your Love Affair With Fruit Smoothies!

Two Beautiful And Delicious Looking Fruit Smoothies.

Here Are A Few Recipies To Get You Started!

Here are a couple of delicious starter Smoothie Recipes:

Lets do a variation on a theme: Start with one banana (peeled) and fresh squeezed orange juice or Orange juice in a container from your grocery store that is all natural and does not have any artificial sweeteners or any other additional ingredients. I always include a banana for nutritional purposes and because it makes the resulting Smoothie thick and creamy.

You put just enough orange juice to cover up all the other ingredients in your blender...this will be in all the following variations:

Put the following ingredients in the blender. Run it on slow speed until everything is broken down, then run your blender in a medium speed for 1 minute and then finish up for 30 seconds at a high speed.

1. Add fresh pineapple. This will contain banana, pineapple all covered in orange juice.

2. Add fresh pineapple and 3 to 6 washed fresh strawberries. This will contain banana, pineapple and strawberries all covered in orange juice.

3. Add one peeled and cored apple, fresh pineapple, 3 to 6 washed fresh strawberries and cover all in orange juice.

4. Add one peeled and cored apple, 3 to 6 washed fresh strawberries and cover with orange juice.

5. Try banana, apple, and orange juice.

6. Add the juice of one or a 1/2 lemon to any of the above recipes to boost electrolytes and Vitamin C. content.

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