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Holistic Nutrition Works. Eating Healthy Food Will Improve Your Health Naturally!

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You Must Eat A Healthy Diet of Healthy Food Or You Will Get Sick And Even Sicker!

What Difference Will It Make To My Health If I Eat More Healthy Food?

Implementing Holistic Nutrition recommendations can have an amazingly positive impact on your health. This is one of the most powerful Natural Healing actions you can do yourself.

First and foremost and depending upon what you eat and how you eat (meaning at what times during the day and what you eat at that time), you can practically eliminate pain and most degenerative diseases such as late onset diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, stroke, eating more nutritious food.

This is not fiction; this is scientifically proven fact and ancient history fact as well.

It is well known that the rise in diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases is strongly and directly related to eating white refined flour and other refined grains and white refined sugar, and high fructose corn syrup and dangerous fats, fats processed by using high heat, or artificially created fats such as margerine.

On the other hand it is now becoming more common place knowledge that eating more fruits and vegetables, and less meat can prevent and even heal degenerative diseases.

What Is Good Nutrition vs. Bad or Malnutrition?

From a Holistic Nutrition perspective why should I eat according to Holistic Nutritional Science?

You may be thinking, malnutrition only occurs in third world nations and places of poverty.

You may say, "I eat right and I eat a lot. It's all food and it's all good, right?"

You may even be overweight and believe that is proof that perhaps you are getting too much nutrition.

But that is exactly wrong.

Malnutrition occurs when there is a failure to achieve nutrient requirements, impairing physical and/or mental health.

Yes, malnutrition may result from consuming too little food. But is more likely from eating processed foods that have a shortage of key nutrients and enzymes.

People who eat nutritionally poor diets are highly likely to be over weight.

If I Maintain or Gain Weight, Can I Be Mal-nourished?

From a Holistic Nutrition perspective if one's diet consists mainly of foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients, one may be malnourished despite being overweight.

Most food marketing promotes highly processed, nutrient-poor food.

Nutrient-poor foods will give you calories with nothing to show for it. Many of these foods actually rob nutrients from your body that are in storage in order to even be digested. Refined sugar and white flour are two examples of nutrient-poor food.

What Causes Food to Be Nutrient-Poor Food?

From a Holistic Nutrition perspective there are a number of causes.

Processing, cooking and preserving food leads to nutrient depletion.

The quality of the foods we buy is often poor, in part, due to food processors using crops genetically bred to improve yields, to look appealing and to withstand the long period of time it can take to reach distant marketplaces.

Nutrient-depleted soil is also unable to provide fruits and vegetables with the high amounts of vitamins and minerals they need and used to contain. Soil today is often terribly depleted in trace minerals and healthy micro-organisms.

Year after year crops are produced but nutrients are not returned to the ground.

In addition, herbicides and pesticides have killed off much of the micro organisms that are vital to a good soil ecosystem.

Good soil organisms receive little recognition as being important to nutritious crop production and these factors have caused our food supply to be drastically less nutrient rich.

Much of the blame rests with Corporate Factory Farming and the Chemical Industry which has brainwashed many into believing in the necessity of using chemicals or all kinds and purposes in farming.

What Can You Do to Get Better Nutrition?

Follow Holistic Nutrition eating and dietary recommendations of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also, improve your eating habits. Poor food choices and eating habits can cause poor digestion.

Poor digestion inhibits the assimilation of nutrients. You can suffer from poor digestion and not notice the effects on your health for quite some time.

Digestion and assimilation of proper nutrients also depends, to a great extent, not only on their being present in the foods we eat but also on properly combining the foods we eat.

Aging may also contribute to deficiency in the ability to digest and absorb many essential nutrients. You may need to be taking live-plant digestive enzymes before you eat your cooked meals.

And a regular exercise program to support a healthy lymph system all contribute to getting the most nutrition from the food we eat.

Another Key Component of Making Sure That the Food You Eat Is As Nutritious As Possible Is How You Cook It

I am providing a link below to my article, on best food cooking practices with an emphasis on learning to use a Rice Cooker and Vegetable and Meat Steamer, that also functions like a crock pot to cook your food in a way that preserves the maximum amount of nutrition for your body's use.

This is also an equipment review with recommendations about good rice cookers and steamers and even a link to a trusted source of rice cookers and vegetable steamers.

Please click here to visit my Cooking Suggestions and Rice Cooker/steamer review page.

Below Is A Link To My Page Where You Can Learn About Healthy Foods, Their Nutritional Value And Most Importantly Their Mighty Healing Powers...Food Is Medicine

Please Click Here To Go To My Master Page On Healthy Food And Learn The Healing Powers of Many Foods

What Can You Do to Get the Most From the Food You Eat and Not Feel Tired After Eating?

From a Holistic Nutrition perspective eating fruit by itself on an empty stomach in the morning until your appetite and digestive energy peaks at around noon or 1 PM is powerful natural medicine.

Let 20-30 minutes or longer pass after eating fruit before eating other foods.

Let three hours elapse after eating cooked foods before eating fruit again.

Eat more fresh, uncooked vegetables and salads if your digestive system can properly digest them.

Some may find combining proteins and starches at the same meal causes an adverse reaction in their body. Some will find it best to combine meat and vegetables. Vegetables and starches often go well together.

Try to reduce the amount you eat out at restaurants, you find very little really healthy food at restaurants, especially fast food places. Eating processed foods should be kept at a minimum.

Prepare meals at home when you can. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

Here Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health Nutritionally...Juicing For Health!

Photo of various fruits and vegetables and a pitcher and glass of juice.

That's right the single best thing you can do for your health nutritionally is make and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

I am going to be providing a lot of information on Juicing For Health in other pages. Just a few sentences below...I provide you with that link to my Juicing For Health mini-website within this website.

I want you to know that juicing fruits and vegetables has been something I have been doing for years and years and is probably the key factor in my not having any degenerative diseases as I mentioned briefly on my Home Page "Holistic Medicine Works!"

Juicing fruits and vegetables is undoubtedly the single best thing you can do...especially if you don't like eating them...

...seriously drinking the juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables is a whole different and more tasty way to benefit from all the advantages of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

In fact you will get far more of what you need nutritionally from juicing your fruits and vegetables than you ever could certainly from eating them cooked. Cooking destroys most of the live enzymes and destroys vitamins and other nutritional factors.

If you are following on the path laid out by the Holistic Medicine Detective it is best if you skip this detour at this time...we will come to it a little later when you have a more comprehensive understanding of food and nutrition...Your next clue and the most logical next step is just below!

Juicing Fruits and Vegetables And Drinking The Juice Is One of the Most Powerful Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health and Even Heal Disease

Please click here to learn all you need to know about Juicing For Health!

The Best Place To Start...To Really Understand How Eating More Holistically Can Improve Your Health Is To Know What Foods Are Unhealthy

So what are unhealthy foods?

Here is information on what makes food unhealthy and what foods are unhealthy.

Please click here to learn all you need to know about unhealthy food.

And here is all you need to know about why the so-called Standard American Diet is unhealthy...

The abbreviation of Standard American Diet is a's (SAD)!

Please click here to learn all you need to know about the unhealthy effects of the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Body In The Right...Slightly Alkaline pH Balance

OK, now that you have learned a few more things about Holistic is time for you to learn more next stop your body's pH or Acid/Alkaline balance.

From a holistic nutrition point of view you need to know what your Body pH Balance is, what it needs to be and how it affects your health...

Please click here to learn all you need to know about maintaining your body in the correct pH balance.

Now If You Can Afford It And If You Can Find Access To It Eating and Juicing Organic Fruits and Vegetables Is To Eat The Healthiest And Most Nutritious Food

It's not hard to do and it's really not that much more expensive because you can stop buying expensive and ineffective Vitamin supplements if you do this.

I said that juicing fruits and vegetables was amazingly important for your health...can you imagine what a holistic nutrition benefit it is to your health to juice organic fruit and vegetables?

Please click here to learn about how and why Organic Foods is the best food to eat

If You Are Following On The Prescribed Path of the Holistic Medicine Detective Then You Have Come To The Right Place For Your Next Destination....

Please click here to go to another important stage of your Holistic Medicine Detective Education learning about improving your Body pH Balance.

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