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Get Sciatic Pain Relief With My Unique Pain-Free Acupuncture Style And Professional Skills

Yes, Regardless Of Whether You Know It As Sciatica or Sciatic Pain...You Can Be Free of This Pain And The Weakness That Often Comes With It Without Drugs Or Surgery!

Why Be Like This?

When You Can Be Like This?

Can you get Sciatic pain relief from conventional or MD type medicine?

Sometimes maybe, but likely not. Here is why not.

Conventional Orthopedic Doctors and Surgeons know that there is a nerve called the Sciatic Nerve that emerges from low on the spine and runs down to the foot.

Many times when a person develops low back pain, it is accompanied by what they call and you may know as Sciatic nerve pain or Sciatica.

That would be great if they had a safe effective method for eliminating that pain...they don't.

And it would also be great if the pain actually followed the path of the most often doesn't.

Many times Surgery is performed to "untrap" the sciatic nerve in some fashion or the other and many times people still have pain in the low back area and still have "sciatic" nerve pain...and weakness of the limb.

This occurs because the problem wasn't a nerve problem in the first place, it was blocked or stagnated energy in the affected channel.

"Sciatic" pain can radiate down the lateral aspect (side) of the leg, the posterior aspect (back) of the leg, the medial aspect (inside) of the leg, or even the front of the leg.

If it is due only to pressure or irritation of the Sciatic nerve...then that is one highly mobile nerve...with mobility unheard of in the community of nerves. Nerves don't move from their fixed paths.

Fortunately there is another explanation that not only provides a rationale for this freaky-moving pain, but allows us to heal the pain without drugs or surgery or even much difficulty at all.

For thousands of years the following Acupuncture channels, also called meridians, have been identified and mapped...

  • The Gallbladder Channel runs down the side of the leg.
  • The Urinary Bladder Channel runs down the back of the leg.
  • The Stomach Channel runs down toward the front of the leg
  • The Liver, Kidney and Spleen Channels run down the inside of the leg from the groin

Any of these channels can be involved in "Sciatic" Pain. Most commonly though the pain runs down the outside or back of the leg...very rarely someone will have some more to the front of the leg or the inside of the leg.

The pain usually affects only one leg, but I have had patients with pain radiating down both legs...

The pain can stop at the buttock, somewhere down the thigh, somewhere down the calf or go all the way down and into the foot. The pain can even by-pass some portions of the leg...I've treated people who had no pain in their thigh but did in their calf, or calf and foot or even foot only.

The pain usually worsens the longer the person stands or the farther they walk...It can even be affected by one's emotional state.

The pain can feel burning, or sharp, even stabbing or there can be numbness or tingling.

The Pain Usually Occurs When There Is Low Back Pain. It Comes From Blockage of The Flow of Energy Through The UB Channel

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Here Is How I Bring About Sciatic Pain Relief

Yes, you may have guessed right, if you have spent much time on this site...the best way to get sciatic pain relief is...

Acupuncture! My unique, pain free, professional Acupuncture.

If you want sciatic pain relief, don't learn the hard way that not all who perform acupuncture are good at what they do.

I practice a truly unique and highly effective method of Acupuncture not taught in any Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine School in the USA, in other parts of the world or even China. In fact you can only learn this technique from one special teacher.

It is because of my knowledge and training in this unique form of acupuncture that I can promise you reduction if not out right relief of your pain in your first treatment.

Yes, you will leave my clinic pain free...You will need more than one treatment to remain permanently pain free...but you will heal faster and in a shorter period of than with any other style of acupuncture.

According to the source of this incredibly effective acupuncture technique, I am among the top 5 percent of all Acupuncturists in the world, who because of my training with him, can deliver such results. Put another way only 5 in 100 Acupuncturists, even those currently in China or who were trained in China have achieved the pain reduction and healing results I consistently achieve.

I serve the local communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, and North Port, FL. and I'd like to provide you with Low back and sciatic pain relief!

I invite you to return to explore my website; have fun, explore, learn and come back often. There is so much self-help information on this site that you can use to improve your health effectively, inexpensively and safely. It would be a mistake not to learn more.

My Acupuncture Clinic is located less than 5 miles South of Westfield (Sarasota Square) Mall, just South of Oscar Scherer State Park in Osprey on US 41 and North of Rosebud's Restaurant. 2145 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey, FL 34229.

Call 941-926-4711 for your free consultation or to schedule your first appointment.

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