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What Are The Benefits of Self-Performed Abdominal Massage?

Self Performed Abdominal Massage Removes Toxins from Body and Soothes Pain In Many Seemingly Unrelated Parts of the Body...especially if you suffer from constipation.

Why Do These Problems Happen?

Self-performed abdominal massage can be very important for some people to do.

In some people the stomach, the small and the large intestine can get sluggish and even clogged due to an excess of wastes and toxin a metaphorical sense drowning them in poisons.

Most often this buildup of wastes and toxins is due to poor dietary/eating habits, over eating especially eating foods cooked in the microwave, and from eating unnatural foods(meaning artificial and manufactured or processed foods) and dairy food.

Let's call it what it is...junk food, unhealthy food.

Such toxicity in the body contributes to a variety of health problems:

  • including fatigue including chronic fatigue,
  • pain in various seemingly unrelated parts of the body
  • and chronic constipation.

Why Is It Important To Remove These Accumulated Toxins?

Removing wastes and toxins from the body is very important to keep the body healthy and strong. It is as important as eating itself is.

Your body must have nutritious food from which to get energy, but equally importantly it must get rid of the waste products or they will accumulate and kill you.

Doing abdomen massage on yourself is one of the most effective ways to eliminate such toxins and strengthen the stomach and both the large and small intestines.

Here Is How You Perform Abdominal Massage On Your Self

Here is how you do this massage on yourself. First, place your hands and fingers on your abdomen and move them around to find sore and tender spots on your abdomen. Then massage and press on these spots for 20 minutes twice a day, everyday.

It may take a week or two of such massage before the pain is greatly reduced or even disappears.

If the pain you feel upon pressing is between the navel and the sternum, you probably have a stomach issue.

If you feel pain around the navel (belly button) it means the function of your small and large intestines is likely impaired and are not functioning up to the level of effectiveness they should be.

Regardless of the time of day or the position you are doing your abdominal massage in, be sure to drink at least 8 to 12 oz. of pure water.

Also, it is beneficial to drink more water after your massage as this helps your body eliminate the toxins your massage will have stirred up.

We recommend that do your massage first thing in the morning or as soon as your schedule allows and before going to bed, again as your schedule allows.

There are two basic postures that may be taken when you perform your abdominal massage - lying down and sitting.

Massaging while lying down involves lying down on the floor or a firm mattress. It is more effective if you bend your knees. This position is the best position for beginners.

When first starting abdominal massage, we recommend that you press the painful spots very slowly and gently. Pushing too hard and too aggressively can cause you more pain.

Massage the sore spots gently and slowly with your hands for the first few minutes and then gradually press harder using the fingertips.

Begin massaging in a small circular motions, going progressively deeper and finish by rapidly move your fingers up and down and back and forth, even to the extent of making your belly shake.

After you feel fairly proficient at this and want to step up the effect, switch from lying down to sitting. Sit on a chair or firm stool, with thighs parallel to the ground and calves perpendicular.

For optimum effectiveness, bend forward and press the abdomen hard and deeply with the fingers in order to reach the deepest part of the abdomen, if it doesn't hurt too much.

Your results will be more impressive if perform the self abdominal massage for 20 minutes twice a day.

You will be amazed at how how much better you feel after only two weeks of self performed abdominal massage!

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