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Living A Holistic Lifestyle, Or Living Green Will Improve Your Health!

How To Live A Holistic Lifestyle - Living Green - Natural Living!

Why Is Living A Holistic Lifestyle So Important For You To Do?

Why is living a Holistic Lifestyle so important to your daily life?

Because, if you aren't living a holistic lifestyle including the use of Holistic, natural or "green" products you are hurting your health and the health of those who live with you and who visit your living space because of exposure to toxic chemicals.

You only need to give up the chemical based products to achieve this goal.

This is not as hard to do as it sounds...

And it is getting easier and easier to do...

As the market responds to our demands...

As you read down this page you will learn about my family's exposure to toxic products and chemicals and a real horror story of being personally sprayed almost daily in the summer in Columbus, Ohio with DDT. This was rationalize to us that it would improve the health and well-being of all the people of Ohio.

Here Are Some of My Own Personal Experiences With Adverse Chemical Impact!

See if you can relate to any of my experiences of the impact of man-made chemicals on my life.

Through my own experiences I have become convinced about the absolute necessity of living a Holistic Lifestyle.

Especially now that I am older, I notice I am more adversely affected by chemicals than when I was younger...

and this was likely caused by a lifetime of exposure to chemical cleaners, pesticides, shampoos, anti-bacterial medicinal creams.

Anti-bacterial soaps and medicinal creams are double toxins because of the petroleum chemicals they contain and the toxic anti-biotic ingredients themselves.

Most likely you are adversely affected too. Or, you may have friends, loved ones, even pets who are adversely affected.

We now know there are no safe limits of exposure to toxic chemicals and medicines.

I don't know what your health situation is, but I can share with you a bit about mine and then you can judge for your self the benefits of using safe, natural, and green products.

I have chemical sensitivities that can make my life...well, hell.

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever walked into a paint store, or a big box store and started feeling ill, by which I mean brain fogged - suddenly couldn't think clearly, fatigued, heavy, even sick?

It happens to me all the time. I sometimes wish I could wear my Scuba tank while shopping in these stores...know what I mean?

We are exposed and over exposed to chemical pollutants in a vast array of places selling products from electrical products to clothing with their dyes and other chemicals to pesticides and cleaning products.

Have you ever walked down the cleaning product isle of your grocery store and had the above symptoms or even had trouble breathing?

You are not alone and you are not the canary in the coal mine.

Remember DDT?

They used to spray soldiers with it and regular people, it was touted as being a bug and mosquito eradicator.

I remember hearing of it being sprayed in the summer time in great dense clouds in communities around our country in the summer time, and in Malaria prone regions...

I grew up in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

A truck would come up and down our streets spraying DDT at least once per week, if not more often.

For years there were no warnings to stay in your house until the air had cleared.

We were allowed to run around behind the spraying trucks in the early years of spraying.

DDT is no longer on the market and known to be a deadly carcinogenic toxin to people not only for being deadly to mosquitoes.

DDT, although banned in our country over 30 years ago, is found in children, wildlife and in our lakes and rivers and in ourselves to this day.

Another of my personal experiences came with clothes washing detergents with their "wonderful" scents, chemical scents, oh yes and scented candles, and oh yes perfumes.

It took me years, before I became a Dr. of Oriental Medicine, to realize what was happening to me. I call it being "nuked" by whatever the offending agent is because of the extreme disorienting symptoms I got and get.

It was not be good enough for me to buy the "free, clear" detergents that have no chemical fragrances, because every other component of these products is a chemical.

Do I live a completely Holistic Lifestyle? No, but I am doing more and more all the time...for obvious reasons.

Is Your Home Safe?

By living a more Holistic Lifestyle you can be much safer in your home and improve your health and the health of those you love and care about.

In your home you are exposed to toxic chemicals in every cleaning product you purchase from dish washing detergent to clothes washing detergent, to hand washing soaps, to tooth paste and more.

Read the ingredient label on anything you buy nearly anywhere and you will be bombarded by a list of chemical names that you cannot pronounce and have no idea the toxicity of.

Historically, most of these chemicals after their introduction have been deemed toxic and harmful by those concerned with chemical toxicity and its effects on ourselves and on our world.

The manufacturers will claim otherwise of course.

We absorb (by contact or inhalation) dangerous chemicals from our plastic food wraps and containers and water containers, when they are heated in a micro wave or even frozen.

Whoever coined the phrase "better living through chemistry" was trying to sell us something...

...and all these years later data has proven this phrase to be conclusively wrong.

It more honestly could be said, "there are no safe levels of chemicals in any thing made with chemicals".

Now, don't get me wrong. There are chemicals that are more deadly and toxic than others and therefore of course those that are "safer".

But how do you or I know what the truth is? We have been lied to for years. But the truth is finally coming out.

You need to adopt a Holistic Lifestyle...a "green"

You don't have to change everything at can do a little bit at a time.

Here Is My Father's Story Of Chemical Exposure...

My Father's story is an example about why it is sometimes so hard to discover the truth.

My father raised Orchids...a lot of Orchids.

He loved his chemicals for the way they fed his plants and kept the bugs and fungus away. He had become convinced that plants that had never encountered artificial chemicals for thousands of years...absolutely had to have them to live.

He loved Malathion.

Breathing the fumes made me feel really weird.

He loved the stuff because it killed everything...

How can something that kills everything not be toxic?

He even took county sponsored courses to get the then newly required license to apply these kinds of pesticides and fungicides.

They told him it wasn't that toxic. I told him that couldn't possibly be true. He told me I was ignorant. Malathion was later taken off the market because it was so deadly. Malathion on ingestion (via contaminated water supplies or inhalation) or absorption into the body (because you got some on your skin) metabolizes into malaoxon, which is incredibly toxic.

Here is what information on Wikipedia has to say about malaoxon:

"Symptoms of exposure to this type of compound include cholinesterase inhibition, miosis, frontal headache, increased bronchial secretion, nausea, vomiting, sweating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, lacrimation, increased salivation, bradycardia, cyanosis and muscular twitching of the eyelids, tongue, face and neck, possibly progressing to convulsions.

Other symptoms include hyperemia of the conjunctiva, dimness of vision, rhinorrhea, bronchoconstriction, cough, fasciculation, anorexia, incontinence, eye changes, weakness, dyspnea, bronchospasm, hypotension or hypertension due to asphyxia, restlessness, anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, tremor, ataxia, depression, confusion, neuropathy (rare), coma and death from depression of respiratory or cardiovascular systems.

Exposure to this type of compound may result in giddiness, nervousness, blurred vision, discomfort (tightness) in chest, papilledema, muscular weakness, loss of reflexes, loss of sphincter control, cardiac arrhythmias, various degrees of heart block and cardiac arrest. It may also result in spasm of accommodation, aching pain in and about the eye, nystagmus, delayed distal axonopathy and parethesias and paralysis of limbs. A decrease in blood pressure may occur. Respiratory failure may also occur." Thank you Wikipedia.

My father died of multiple health problems and seemed demented for years. There were other chemical factors involved including pharmaceutical drug prescribed to "improve his health."

My father appreciated "green living things", but he should have lived a "green" Holistic Lifestyle.

Here Is One of My Mother's Experiences With The Wonderful World of Chemicals!

Have you ever known anyone who has had "contact dermatitis" with its redness or scales or oozing patches of eruptions?

I have and worse. I'll give you an example, my mother who is almost 80.

In early 2010 we were at a family celebration in a local restaurant and were about to leave when I happened to glance at my mother's hands.

I could not believe what I saw. Her hands looked like the hands of a cadaver. I am not exaggerating one little bit.

I was, needless to say, shocked, appalled, horrified and even grief stricken with fear that she was dying.

The skin on her hands was darkened, deaden looking. Every vein and tendon stood out in stark contrast in the absence of healthy flesh.

Above her wrist everything looked normal for her age. She is actually very healthy and looks much younger than her age.

As you can imagine it took me a few minutes to pull myself together.

When I regained some composure...I started by asking her if she was sick...had any symptoms, etc...

I was relieved to discern that she felt fine... dawned on me...I asked her what she had been putting on her hands or what she had been putting her hands into.

She told us that when she did the laundry, whites, she would let the tub fill up with water and add detergent and chlorine bleach.

Finally, she would add the cloths. Inevitably some clothes would not be wet yet.

So, she pushed them down into the detergent and chlorine bleach water mixture with her bare hands. This was not smart. You would never do that, would you?

But in years of occasionally doing so it had never done the kind of damage that I saw that day.

I advised her, to put it mildly... to stop doing that and to stop using chlorine bleach at all since chlorine is a deadly poison by touch or inhalation.

I recommended that she use something less harmful instead and that she never put her hands in even that water.

To heal the damage I recommended that she put Aloe Vera Gel on her skin hourly and olive oil afterward.

Two days later her hand looked 50% better. In a week they had returned to normal. Thank God, a disaster in the making was reversed.

My mother and her husband are now switching to a more "green" Holistic Lifestyle.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Family And Those I Love Or Care About?

Suffice it to say, that there are natural options..."green" Holistic Lifestyle choices and solutions to all that I have mentioned and more.

I firmly believe you will be blown away by what is available that is more holistic, natural and green and that works better than the chemical laced products and supports a holistic lifestyle.

I have looked long and hard for products that worked and were good not only for me health wise, but for my patients and clients, the environment and the world.

There is so much hype and spin out there about everything that it is nearly impossible to know what to believe, who to trust and what really works.

If you learn anything about me it is that I only recommend products, services and companies that are truly reputable and work and most important not only do no harm, but are actually beneficial to me and my patients and clients.

Everything I offer in my practice I have proven works on me and of course not just me, but on my patients and others as well.

I am so happy to have found a wonderful source of natural, green, products that you can trust. Please click here to visit the site of Solay Products you source for everything "Green" and wonderful.

The World Guide To Green Living: The Green Living Experts!

The Green Living Expert Website has so much information on living green, or living Holistic Lifestyle that I have to share it with you. It would be wrong not to. Are you interested in solar power, wind power, green gardening, growing your own herbs, etc...

Find out more...much more!

Click here to go to The Green Living Website. This will open a new window!

So, Are You And Those You Love Safe?...What Do You Think?

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