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What Is Holistic Medicine? Holistic Medicine Defined.

It's Important To Know What Holistic Medicine Is So You Can Use It!Dr. Eichenauer's Brief Summary of The Basic Principles of Holistic Medicine.

What is Holistic Medicine defined from Dr. Eichenauer's perspective. You may already know a great deal about Holistic Medicine. If so, feel free to skip down to the next topic...but sometimes it is helpful to remind ourselves of what we "already know."

I may have a slightly different "take" on the issues or I may say something in a way that really lights up your understanding. I respect you too much to waste your time.

  • Humans have physical, mental, emotional and etheric or Spiritual components (Our scientists have discovered that all "matter" is composed of invisible... insubstantial (etheric) energies) components, aspects or natures.

    Holistic Medicine, which includes Oriental Medicine (or as some call it Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based upon evaluation of and treatment of these four components: physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual or etheric.

  • Each component can and does have impact on each of the other aspects, not in a linear 1 plus 1, but in an instantaneous, continual, ever changing dynamic, synergistic fashion where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and yet is made up of those parts. Change one thing in this "equation" and it changes everything else including the whole.
  • Holistic Medicine evaluates and treats each person as the truly unique individual they are.
  • Stress (mental, emotional, physical or etheric) can have a damaging impact on any or all of the other (physical, mental, emotional, or etheric) components of you.
  • Impure, unhealthy or un-natural Foods...meaning those made from chemicals, that include chemicals, that use highly refined grains and plants or meats are stresses too and can hurt your health.

    Also included in this category are the disastrous effects of chemical use on the safety and nutrition of all foods and water. Also so included in this category are foods that have been irradiated or micro-waved.

  • A toxic environment can impact any or all of these components of being human and kill you.
  • Both Excessive emotional states and repressed or stuffed emotions can hurt your health impacting on any of the four components.
  • True Holistic Medicine and Natural Medicine uses healing methods and means that have been proven safe and effective over thousands of years and with millions of people.

Let's Explore In Order To Better Understand Each of These Holistic Medicine Defined Principles!

Holistic Medicine, Holistic Healing, Natural Medicine and Healing are based upon a set of principles that come from Nature, and the nature of human beings since the two are one and the same.

As indicated above Human beings are composed of 4 distinct attributes and manifestations; the physical, mental, emotional and the Spiritual or etheric.

You have a physical have a brain/a think...and you feel emotions...and our scientists have discovered that all substance is made up of insubstantial, invisible or "etheric" energy.

These attributes of human beings are generally agreed to by all and are beyond dispute.

Doesn't it make sense, when a human being has a problem, the best approach to addressing that problem is to take into consideration these four aspects of being human and determining which of them are affected rather than focusing exclusively on the physical?

No matter how detached we have, erroneously, come to believe we are from nature and the natural world, we are still beings of this planet.

We are as much a part of the natural world, a part of nature, as any other creature on Earth. Can you cite any evidence to negate this truth?

So, for the sake of argument, let's for the moment accept these observations as facts.

You Are Unique And Must Be Treated As The Unique Individual You Are.

You know you are unique, right? There is no other human being exactly like you, not even your identical twin, if you have one.

And, while we share certain physical, mental, emotional and even etheric similarities none of us is identical to anyone else. This is an indisputable fact.

Holistic Medicine and Natural Medicine operates on the basis of this fact. We treat each person individually as the unique person they truly are. That is how you will be treated when you seek treatment from a true practitioner of Holistic Medicine.

There are a lot of MDs and others who want to get on the band wagon of Holistic Medicine and Health or Natural Medicine and Health, because of its surge in popularity.

But if they prescribe primarily drugs, only spend 5 or even 15 minutes with you, treat you as if you are like everyone else, dismiss the impact of any of the qualities of being human (mental, emotional, physical or Spiritual) and the impact that a problem in one arena of life can have on the others...he or she is a Holistic Medicine Doctor in name only.

Think about it for a moment...does it make any sense that one-size-fits-all-Medicine could possibly work very often, if at all? The factory-assembly-line approach to healing...this will work for every one...doesn't work...not well.

This Holistic Medicine Detective has discovered this evidence to prove the point...

"The number of people who die each day because of medical errors, physician mistakes, hospital-related illness and reactions to FDA approved medications is the equivalent of six Jumbo Jets falling out of the sky.

More Americans are dying each year at the hands of (Allopathic, my insertion) Medicine than all American casualties in WW1 and the Civil War Combined."

Source: The book "Death By Medicine" published in 2010 written by Gary Null, PhD, Martin Feldman, MD, Debora Rasio MD and Carolyn Dean, MD, ND.

The authors continue by saying,"The medical environment has become a labyrinth of interlocking corporate, hospital, and governmental boards of directors, infiltrated by drug companies. Pharmaceutical corporations are paying our legislators, television and radio stations, schools, and news outlets to keep this information from you."

They finish by saying, "Drug company representatives write about new medicines in glowing articles, which are then signed by physicians who are paid handsomely for their co-operation, though they may not even know the adverse side effects of the drugs they promote. The most toxic substances are approved first, while milder and more natural alternatives are ignored for financial reasons.

It's death by medicine."

Mind you, these are not my words and conclusions, these are the conclusions of researchers and MD’s themselves.

I don't think I need to add a single word.

You Have Physical, Mental, Emotional And Etheric Energy Aspects And Stress Can Damage Them All!

First, in Holistic Medicine,if you only acknowledge the physical component of being human, you end up treating people as if they are "machines". By which I mean you treat people as if all problems are "only" physical.

So of course it would seem logical to prescribe a drug, to do surgery to remove the "broken" part. Don't you see, "that's all it was...a faulty part". Never addressing what caused the "part" to become faulty.

In keeping with the Holistic Medicine perspective the problem with this thinking or analysis is that it closes any inquiry into what else could have created the problem. What if somehow stress plays a role in physical, mental, emotional and etheric or energetic problems?

So what you say. What possible difference could stress make in my healing?

All of us have experienced stress. You may or may not know it but it is a fact that stress can maim and yes, sadly, even kill.

Let's explore the various types of stresses...please bear with me...this is important for you to understand.

Stress can be physical right? You work too hard, you play too hard, you over do it. There can be no question about this...

You can suffer a sprain or strain of your muscles, tendons or ligaments, you feel pain...back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, elbow pain, hand or finger pain, etc...

These are some of the results of physical stress, repetitive stress disorder, over use, call it what you will.

Have you ever really considered that stress can also be mental and emotional and mental and emotional stress can do damage to you physically as well?

Have you ever worked in a hostile work environment where criticism came often and intensely. Or...

Have you ever experienced a health crisis of your own or the health crisis of someone you care about and experienced the stress of that?...

Or, have you ever been in a war Post Traumatic Stress Disorder a figment of your imagination? Sometimes relationships can become a war-zone and create PTSD...

If so, you know what I mean.

If you have ever experienced any of know these kinds of experiences increased your fears, your anxiety, and worries.

I ask you to take a moment to ask yourself if being in that stressful environment ever create any physical problems for you?

Has stress ever increased your blood pressure, blood sugar problems or contributed to your eating or drinking too much or even doing drugs whether legal or illegal?

When you were under stress did you notice any increase in physical symptoms such as headaches, back aches, feelings of fatigue, acid reflux, diarrhea or other digestive problems, inability to fall asleep or waking often, or not being able to fall back to sleep or bad dreams, etc...

Has stress ever made you feel depressed, or hopeless or riddled with anxiety?

All of these are examples from Holistic Medicine of symptoms that can be the direct result of mental and emotional stress...there are other causes to be sure...

...but these kinds of symptoms often come with mental, emotional stress and even Spiritual stress.

Does it make any sense to simply treat these symptoms as only being physical, when it is clear from Holistic Medicine that often they are symptoms caused by the other aspects of being human?

What about the cause? Can you really expect to get better, if you only mask the symptoms with pain killers or Anti-depressants, or take a sleep drug...

How long will you have to take these treatments before the cause simply vanishes? How about never, unless healing takes place.

...have you ever come to the conclusion that you will have to take these drugs forever...that you will never be OK, even after the stress is gone?

Now this one is more complicated...the etheric energetic problems...

It is more complicated because it can cause problems too, mental and emotional problems such as doubts, fears, worries, anxieties, depression and yes, it can even cause physical problems such as high blood pressure, depleted immune system and increased susceptibility to colds, flu and infections and all the other symptoms I have mentioned and more, not yet mentioned.

You might agree with me totally now...physical problems can cause mental, emotional and even etheric energetic problems and even crises.

But mental/emotional can cause physical and even etheric energetic problems and crises. And etheric energetic problems can cause or contribute to all of the others.

This is my conclusion which I ask you to seriously give some thought to; mental, emotional, physical and etheric are all intertwined, they cannot be separated. They must all be taken into consideration and perhaps dealt with to restore health and optimal living.

If your back pain has an emotional/mental component to it, will massage or acupuncture, or that costly and debilitating back surgery that your Orthopedic Surgeon has just recommended make it go away...

not likely according to Holistic Medicine principles...not permanently as you would like...and you may know people for whom it didn't.

Of course if your problem is just physical...then surgery may work for you...this is true...But before putting your life at risk under the knife or laser, shouldn't you rule out the other possible causes, before committing to a plan of treatment, especially if that treatment is potentially dangerous, or even of questionable success?

Isn't it just possible that it is better to do mild things before resorting to drastic and dangerous measures. It just makes sense doesn't it?

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