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Holistic Medicine Works...
Alternative Medicine Also Works, And...

The Best Holistic And Alternative Medicine is:
Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine!

"If You Suffer From Chronic Pain or Other Health Concerns, And Prescription Drugs or Conventional Medicine Have Not Worked Good Enough For You..."

"The Holistic Medicine Of Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine Is The Safe, Effective And Natural Alternative To Drugs Or Surgery."

Holistic Medicine and Oriental Medicine including acupuncture takes into account and treats the whole person mentally, and emotionally, as well as physically. Western Medicine treats only the body and treats it like it is a machine with replaceable parts...It is drugs or surgery all the time, everyday, day in and day out...No matter what the problems is.

News Bulletin: This Was Announced Recently In The World Media!

"Oriental Medicine (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been chosen by the World Health Organization to be taught and implemented worldwide to meet the health care needs of the twenty-first century!"

From the available reporting here is my take on why the World Health Organization made this pronouncement.

“Oriental Medicine Doctors are like Home Inspectors inspecting your plumbing, wiring, etc...recommending and providing remedial actions to prevent a disaster from ever occurring in your home so that you can continue to live the good life uninterrupted.

Western Medicine Practitioners make their best contribution functioning as firemen who arrive on the scene after the fire has already begun and is out of control. Western Medicine is great for Emergency Room Treatment, Disaster Mitigation and Acute Health Crisis where death may be close.

But Western Medicine is too dangerous (its Pharmaceutical/ Chemical Medications are too toxic and riddled with dangerous side-effects) to use for prevention, and health restoration that is non-disaster related.

Does it make any sense at all to take the most dangerous actions first when your life isn't being threatened?

It make more sense to me and apparently to the World Health Organization, also, to take safe, gentle and effective remedial measures first before throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the problem.

In short as an Oriental Medicine Doctor, I'm like the house inspector, I make sure the lessor things don't become worse, so that you don't end up in the emergency room unless you are in an accident."

I provide Holistic Medicine Services Including Professional, Pain-free, And Affordable Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine!

You'll Get Lasting Pain Relief!

You Won't Need Drugs Or Surgery!

I'm Glenn Eichenauer OMD, L'AP a licensed and NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and Oriental Medicine Doctor serving Sarasota County who provides professional, gentle, pain-free, personalized acupuncture treatments and Oriental Medicine for pain and many other health issues and diseases.

I believe that we don't have to live in pain...No, I know we don't have to live in life is proof of that.

I do not live in pain despite the numerous injuries I have sustained during my life and it is my great pleasure to share my knowledge of how I can help your body heal itself of nearly all dysfunctions, injuries and pain conditions.

Welcome to my web site where you will find all you need to know about Holistic Medicine... And why Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is the highest form of Holistic Medicine.

Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) is also referred to or categorized as being a Complimentary or Alternative Medicine.

I’ve prepared loads of information on this website to show you how you can best take advantage of this natural and effective form of holistic medicine that began more than 3,000 years ago and has been evolving and improving ever since.

Holistic Medicine is about treating the whole person not just a physical symptom. And it is about treating the mental, emotional and consciousness or psyche aspects of the person and not just treating the physical...because all of the component parts of a human being affect each of the other parts. You cannot neglect any of them and expect to get the best healing results.

If you are eager to learn more specifically about what Holistic Medicine is, just click on the link below to go directly to my page which will tell you all could ever want to know about Holistic Medicine and answer many of your questions. Click here to go to my page all about Holistic Medicine Specifically.

Did You Find My Website Because You Or Someone You Care About Is In Pain?

Then you might want to go directly to the page about my Acupuncture Pain Clinic to learn more about what I, if you are in my geographic area can do for you. Just click here to to learn more about what I can do to get rid of your pain or to learn about what a really competent acupuncturist can do for your condition.

I serve the local communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, North Port, and Port Charlotte, Florida.

Call 941-926-4711 for your free consultation or to schedule your first appointment.

I invite you to return to explore my website; have fun, learn how you can improve your own health. We invite you to come back often.

There is so much self-help information on this site that you can use to improve your health effectively, inexpensively and safely. It could be a costly mistake not to learn more.

I am adding new information all the time, please follow my blog or sign up for my RSS Feeds. Which Is really easy to do...Just click on the words: "subscribe to this site" at the box at bottom of the navigation bar on the left side of this or any other page and you will be given excellent instructions on how to do this

There are many ways to gain access to all the information on my site including the Google Search Boxes at the top of the right hand column and at the bottom of each page, not to forget the navigation bar on the left side of most pages which identifies many important topics you may chose to explore.

If you do not see what you are looking for specifically I suggest that you use the Google Search Box to make you query so that you can find the exact page contains the information you are looking for.

Of the many ways to explore the information that this site has to offer, there is one path through my site that makes the most sense and is the easiest of all, especially, if you are determined to get your health back but don't know what you need to know to do it.

It is the path of the Holistic Medicine Detective...Some of my patients have told me in various ways that I am a Holistic Medicine Detective. You can become one too if you follow this way to explore my site!

To get you started, I have created 2 pages about why it is imperative in order to maintain, protect and improve your own health that you become your own Holistic Medicine Detective...and even your own "country doctor"! That's what this website is all about. This is the best starting point.

If you choose this option for exploring this website you will never become lost, never miss anything important and each step you take will build your understanding of healing yourself and those you care about in a very easy to understand step-by-step...block-by-block of information fashion.

Enjoy your visit and exploration of my website...I invite you to return time and time again as I am constantly adding new information.

Stay up to date with the latest information...subscribe to my blog and various social media feeds.

Please contact me (see my "contact me" page for the various ways you can contact me) with ideas on how to improve this site and make learning how to improve your health more fun. I have provide numerous places where you can make your comments and even create your own pages on this site.

You may not believe it now, but taking action to improve your own health and the health of those you love and care about really is the best investment you can ever make and is fun... because as you feel better and better or you help another feel better and better there is far more joy, love and laughter in life!

You can write me at Glenn Eichenauer, OMD, L'AP, 2145 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey, FL 34229 or call me at 941-926-4711!

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Here Is A Testimonial I'll Never Forget!:

"I don't care what is wrong with you...see Dr. Eichenauer. He can help you with anything. He helped me with every problem I ever presented him with.

I even had major surgery for a complete bowel obstruction and he got me back to work months faster than the hospital MDs told me was possible.

His herbal formulas worked wonders for me that time as they always do.

When I called him and told him my symptoms that night, Dr. Eichenauer was the one who told me to go straight to the emergency room right away that night when my bowel was obstructed."

J.R. Sarasota, FL

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