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Blenders: A Good Blender Can Be An Essential Part Of Your Juicing For Health Equipment Inventory!

Blender Filled With Fruit Ready To Make A Smoothie.

You Can't Make A Fruit Smoothie Without A Blender!

Photo of Delicious Looking Fruit Smoothie.

How Do Blenders Work?

Blenders...Most people have seen a blender...If you haven't there is a photo of one right above the headline above and there will be plenty of photos in my Amazon Blender Store.

A Blender consists of a glass or plastic pitcher that has a very, very sharp set of blades set into the bottom which are held in place with a rubber gasket and a screw-on cap to hold the blade plate in place and to provide pressure to prevent leaks.

A Blender pitcher sits on a base that houses a small but very powerful motor and some kind of switch or buttons to press to change the speed of the motor and therefore of the revolving of the blades.

What Jobs Are Blenders Ideally Suited For?

Blenders are very useful in making Fruit Smoothies which are great tasting fruit "milk shakes". (They don't have to have and almost never do have any "milk" in them.)

Blenders do not replace manual or powered citrus juicers, nor do they replace the "centrifugal" or "gear" type fruit and vegetable juicers.

When you use your blender it cuts and shreds whatever you put into it into a thick juice since it contains all the pulp and fiber of what you put into it.

Whereas, the "centrifugal" or "gear" type fruit and vegetable juicers separate the juice from the pulp and fiber and make what we think of when we think of "juice".

Only a blender can make a fruit smoothie.

Blender Quality Recommendations!

In my personal experience there are two crucial requirements for any blender that you buy. You will be sadly disappointed if you do not heed these recommendations.

1. Get a blender with a Glass Pitcher. Plastic pitchers will crack and break in time. I have had my Osterizer Imperial with 14 speeds for at least 30 years. The only part I have had to replace was the blade plate and I replaced that only in the last year.

2. Get a blender that has at least 3 speeds. If you can afford one with more than three speeds you will be even happier. Low speeds are great for reducing big hunks of pineapple or other fruits to smaller pieces, middle speeds then work fast to reduce the sizes of pieces to near liquid state and high speeds then reduce it all to a thick liquid.

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