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White Flour or White Refined Flour Is Unhealthy Food!

White Flour...Often Called White Refined Flour Is Unhealthy Food And Is Historically Associated With The Rise In Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer!

The white flour or white refined flour problem.

It was not until around the time of Louis XIV of France that the mills that ground wheat into flour became sophisticated and efficient enough to take grains of wheat and grind and process them sufficiently to produce white flour or white refined flour.

Until that time everyone ate whole wheat or other whole grain products. And the people of the land did not experience heart disease, diabetes or cancer...Doctors at the time had not seen such diseases.

Ah, but with white refined wheat flour those who became known as French Pastry Chefs created all those light and fluffy pastries for which the French are historically famous.

The consumption of white refined flour increased astronomically since that time as did the incidence of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer which were almost unheard of at the time.

There was a very interesting health puzzle that emerged as the wealthier Europeans who could afford these "french confections" began to get sicker and sicker while those who could not afford them and kept eating their whole grain diets kept their good health.

The Doctors of that time were completely baffled. They could not make the connection between eating "food" and disease. For some unknown reason the rich got sicker and the poor stayed healthy.

Here Is Why White Four Is Damaging To Eat And Causes Disease

All that is of very important nutritional value, think vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes necessary to digest this food and things we don't even recognize yet reside in the dark hull of the wheat is removed in the milling and refining process. So what is left has almost no nutritional value.

Next the resulting white powder is bleached with a deadly chemical called "alloxan", a bleaching agent similar to Clorox. This chemical destroys the insulin producing cells of the pancreas, which directly causes type 2 diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes.

Finally, some coal-tar-derived (carcinogenic – cancer causing) vitamins are added and sold to the unsuspecting public as “enriched”. White flour makes your blood sugar rise almost as much as white refined sugar.

Remember "Wonder Bread"? I think you can still buy it today. Once some people began to wise up and realized that not only was there little of nutritional value in white bread and it was proven that those who ate white bread were getting sicker than others who didn't. The only way manufactures of white bread were allowed to continue making this toxic food was to add "nutrition" back into the white bread.

And what was the "nutrition" they added back? Coal tar derived vitamins.

Thus, began the unholy union of Corporate America and Madison Avenue Advertising Firms so far successful mission to portray bad, unhealthy foods as healthy foods.

This marriage of necessity made is the main reason it is so hard to find good nutrition information. It is also why nearly every person in the good old US of A is brain-dead when it comes to healthy foods and healthy nutrition.

Another reason why it is unhealthy to eat white refined flour and the products made from it is that it gums up the intestinal tract because it contains almost no fiber.

Avoid eating anything made from white flour, e.g. bread, cakes, pancakes, pasta, etc. If you must eat these foods at all, eat them sparingly. Things made of white refined flour have no nutritional value at all, and cause more harm to your body than good.

Additionally, studies have shown that wheat is contaminated with mycotoxin. This germ can be lethal and has been reported to cause rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, miscarriages, headaches, infertility, and even delayed childhood growth.

Making food products with white refined flour, with white refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup (more and more this is being used these days) and high heat baking, creates the perfect internal environment in the body for the degenerative diseases of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer.

Both white flour and white refined sugar cause rapid and persistent increases in blood sugar making every cell in the body more likely to deteriorate...

For years now white refined flour wheat bread has been marketed as the "healthier option". Don't believe this lie.

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