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Processed Food Is Dangerous To Your Health And Your Children And Grandchildren's Health!

Eating Processed Food Is Now As American as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, And Heart Disease In Adults, And Attention Deficiet and Hyperactivity Disorders In Children And Young Adults!Which do you think came first...the poisoned processed food or the diseases? Here Is A Brief History Of Processed Food Manufacturing

History of processed food and unhealthy food.

What is the exact time line of the development of those who prepared food for others...I don't know...

It was probably 15,000 BC....I'm just making this up...when Fred and Wilma Flintstone invited Barney Rubble and His wife Betty over for a dinosaur dinner and Fred killed the meat and Wilma cooked it and “they” presented it to Barney and Betty...

At about that same time someone else set up a fruit stand and someone else traded for the meat he or she had just killed...

Suffice it to say that there have been those who made and served food to others...for thousands of years.

Hey, let's call the ones it is served to..."consumers"...the one's who consume the food made by others......that has a nice ring to it...imagine that there were consumers

...what a coincidence we have consumers even today...and we even have processors or preparers in our times.

Manufacturers of food makers...yes, manufactured foods that is thoroughly modern.

Food-preparers and food processors have used dyes since ancient times to make food more appealing to the eye. But they only had access to, and only used safe natural substances.

Back then people who killed other people with poisoned food were called assassins. Hey, we still call people who do that today assassins, don't we?

...Back then didn't they try to kill or otherwise bring justice to assassins?

Concern about food dye in America goes back to the 1800s. American food manufacturers began coloring their processed foods with toxic pigments made from lead and copper.

Food manufacturers originally made processed food for the military beginning during the Civil War and really became an industry during World War II. After the war, food manufactures turned their sights on the consumer market.

Housewives buying products for their families were more discerning than soldiers and demanded that manufactured food look like real food. And so in order to be able to sell the food they made manufacturers had to make sure it looked good, even appealing, perhaps better than fresh food.

Eventually, in a successful attempt to sell even more processed food they began to add artificial flavors and dangerous flavor enhancers like MSG or Monosodium Glutamate.

Manufacturers, many of whom are nothing if not devious and deceptive, have slightly chemically modified MSG and re-labled it, calling it natural flavor enhancers.

They felt they had no choice but lie to consumers, because consumers are now rejecting processed food containing MSG since they know the health problems associated with it.

To put this whole process into greater perspective let's use an example. When they tried to bottle tomato juice, they realized that oxidation naturally in time made it turn brown... to deal with that they pasteurized it, added chemical preservatives to prevent oxidation and added chemical colors to make it look pretty like healthy fresh tomato juice.

You might be wondering, why didn't the industry just use natural and harmless substances to color the food?

The industry didn't like natural colors so much because they can fade over time and even vary in color from batch to batch and so the industry developed chemical dyes that were stable.

And the final dangerous act they added preservatives to their manufactured or processed food.

In the man-made chemical world for something to be a preservative, it has to be toxic to living things, it must kill bacteria, yeast and fungus which are the main microbes of the decay process...Since they use dangerous chemicals to kill these need to know that those chemicals are dangerous to you...

In the same ways that these chemical "preservatives" (now there's a euphemism for you.) "preserve" food by damaging the cellular mechanisms of the microbes, they damage the cellular mechanisms of your body...that's the way they work...

In the beginning I believe they hoped that what damaged the cells of microbes wouldn't damage the cells of human beings...but time and research has proven there is substantial damage to human cells too.

Now you know better. Processed food laced with chemicals causes disease.

Here is a link to the Washington Post Article dated March 25, 2011 on the link between food dyes and other food additives and disease that in part inspired me to write this page so you can read for yourself the facts that inspired me to elaborate further.

Please click here to read the article.

Here is a link to the Washington Post Article on the Dark Side of Food Dyes and disease also dated March 25, 2011 that in part inspired me to write this page so you can read for yourself the facts that inspired me to elaborate further.

Please click here to read this article for yourself.

Below Is A Link To An MSNBC Video News Report On The Dangers To Our Health From Food Dyes And Other Processed Food Additives:

Please click here to view an MSNBC video of the potential dangers of food dyes and other additives.

Below Is A Link To An MSNBC Video News Report On The Dangers To Our Health From Food Dyes And Other Processed Food Additives And The Effects On Her Children of A Mom Eliminating Processed Food From Her Children's Diet

Please click here to view an elaboration on the MSNBC video of the potential dangers of food dyes and other additives by a mom and the effects of eliminating these toxic substances from her children's diet.

Why Did Processed Food Manufacturers Do It? Why Did They Decide To Poison Their Customers?

Remember the whole idea of those who manufacture processed food was and still is to make a product that appears to be exactly like fresh in all ways including:

  • The perception of it having nutritional value.
  • Have the appearance of fresh foods or an even better and more colorful appearance.
  • Tasting as good as or better than real food.
  • Have great shelf-life...that it can stay in the supply line and on the shelf for month after month after month without apparent decay in appearance or taste.
  • And let's not forget the most important reason of all for doing this kind of stuff...It's to get filthy rich...

    ...not just make a living...It's greed boys and girls! It's all about the's all about greed and the exercise of power over others for the sake of doing anything you want to others without any restrictions or penalties at all.

Now isn't that convenient? It certainly is for the makers of processed food, even if it is ultimately deadly for you and your family as your health slowly or not so slowly deteriorates into obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, heart disease, and Cancer...

...all of which are basically degenerative diseases, not naturally occurring diseases, but diseases that manifest in the body as the body degenerates because of lack of nutrition or ingestion of toxic foods or substances.

Hyper-rant About The Characteristics of Those Who Promote Processed Food, Manufacture It And Pass The Laws That Allow For The Sale of Unsafe Processed Food

...This will be quite a rant...brace yourself...this stuff...toxic processed food makes me so angry...

by the way as you consider my comments keep in mind that I have an MBA...Masters Degree in Business Administration and graduated 2nd in my class...I worked for some corporations in my time...Martin Marietta, Litton, and Northrop. I know a great deal about corporations...I am so glad I left the corporate world by the time I was 35.

I start with ironic sarcasm...

I guess we live in kinder, gentler times were we have grown so much morally, that now there is an acceptable level of death mandated and protected by law...

...laws that allow poisons to be put into our food, air, water and land and even authorizes their use to make what Pharmaceutical Corporations are allowed to call "medicine".

Did you know that the Pharmaceutical Corporations have so much influence over the FDA that they managed to get a law passed that says in effect...that only pharmaceutical drugs "cure" law only "pharmaceutical drugs" cure disease.

Here is my question (ironic and sarcastic)? Why did no one tell pharmaceutical drugs they were supposed to actually do that...cure disease...I have never seen any disease cured by a pharmaceutical drug...

Doesn't the word "cure" mean or at least imply that once you take the drug, you will be cured and not have to take it any more?

Why did no one tell the plants created by God...these plants that are our food and herbal medicines, "you don't have the right to do what you clearly and plainly do...that which Corporate manufactured (man and not God made) Pharmaceutical drugs do not... cure disease.

Perhaps Pharmaceutical Corporations should have said "cure" was their goal or even put it into their mission statement..."we will try to create drugs that "cure" diseases."

But to have to have a law passed declaring your products... pharmaceutical drugs as a "cure"?

I guess when your stuff doesn't work and you have enough power and money you can get a law passed to mandate that only your products cure disease...It's like the emperor has no cloths and everyone is afraid to tell him so.

You may be thinking...My God, if a law is passed that says no one and nothing else can "cure" any disease, that must mean it really, really works...right?

Just because someone got a law passed to declare drugs as the only thing that can cure disease clearly doesn't make it true.

I'd much prefer to see a law passed that says only food that is grown without chemicals is food...chemically polluted plants or manufactured stuff is not food and is likely not good for you.

All this happened and is happening because certain people lobbied for a "legal" form of business called the Corporation which was created for the sole purpose of protecting those who didn't want to be responsible or held accountable for their actions.

Corporations also created a euphemism for what this actually accomplishes and it's called, "limiting our liability".

Corporations have demanded and lobbied (read bribed and intimidated lawmakers) into passing laws protecting them and giving them the right to lie to you, deceive you, harm you and your family and take your money at the same time...and never be brought to justice...they have this "magical" "limited liability".

Just look at what happened to corporate titans on Wall Street who nearly crashed the whole worlds economy. "Nothing" and not only are they still getting away with their original crimes, they are getting richer playing the same con-games they played before when they crashed the economy.

And here is the thanks we get from them..."Thank you very much, suckers!!!" Now, taking our money, insulting us, and even harming us is not enough for them.

If you have been watching the news at all recently, you realize that Corporations and their representatives, lobbyists, lobbying entities, corporate media spokes persons, and purchased State and Federal Representatives and Senators are making a desperate attempt to take over our entire government beginning at the state level in order to put us all under their authoritarian rule...and do whatever they want to any of us.

They want to destroy our Democracy...why?... because it is getting in the way of them doing whatever the hell they want to do, whenever they want to do it and to whomever they want to do it. And most importantly to make as much money as possible.

The following regimes in the early and mid 20th century whom we fought were authoritarian...

...for those of you who do not know what authoritarian means... to put it most simply it means "my way or the highway" which means you either do what I tell you to do or leave...

In actual practice it means "you do what I tell you or I will have you jailed, lock you up or even kill you.

Those regimes were: Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union (Russia) Italy, Japan, China. In the 21st century you have Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, China, etc...

...where ever there is no Democracy by which is meant open, fair and free elections with one person having one vote... creating individual participation in the governance of a country, then that country's leaders are authoritarian...and the form of government is authoritarian.

If you can't see that authoritarians are trying to take over our country and impose authoritarian, dictatorial governance upon us, then you probably will never believe or be convinced by facts that manufactured or processed food is bad for you... or that Holistic Natural Medicine is better and safer for you...

...or that you need to get the chemicals out of your life when they are in a form that can be absorbed by your body.

Have you noticed how authoritarians (nearly all currently elected ones, are trying to gut nearly all environmental and food safety protections, increase taxes on the poor, give massive tax relief to Corporations and the wealthy. Not to mention ending Medicare and Social Security...that you and I just may need...that you may already participate in.

It kind of makes you yearn for the good old days when there was actually justice, when people sought justice, and justice was served...doesn't it?

If we don't recall and vote all of these "my way or the highway...authoritarian folks out of office and stop voting for new ones in 5 years we won't have a Democracy anymore.

By the way corporations are not democratically run...they are all down...meaning their is only one leader...and it's his way or the highway for the rest of the employees...I worked for several top corporations before becoming an Oriental Medicine Doctor (OMD)

Why this particular rant? Because it is these same corporations that are poisoning the land, our air, our water, our food, you, your children and your grandchildren.

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