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I have a sick gallbladder...what can I do to avoid surgery?

by Tony
(Sarasota, FL)

Hi Doctor,

I have been having some symptoms which my doctor told me are symptoms of a Gallbladder problem, nausea after eating something like fried chicken or barbecued ribs, oh and I would have pain on the right side of my belly that felt like it was inside somewhere.

I went to my Dr. to find out what was wrong and he had an ultrasound done on me which showed that I have a lot of small stones and goop in my Gallbladder. He told me that taking it out was the best thing for me to do.

I am really afraid of surgery. The doctor says it's no big deal, but that's not what I read on line. What I read from other patients is that it is a very big deal. Is there anything I can do to avoid surgery? What do you recommend?


Hi Tony,

And thanks for your question. I hope you aren't feeling too bad. Here are my suggestions:

If you haven't already visited and read my page on GallBladder Disease, actually labeled GallBladder Health, in my nav bar on the left hand side of the page under the heading of Health Conditions, I recommend that you do so now, so that you have complete information about how your Gallbladder works, what makes it get sick, why you absolutely need it and why it is almost never necessary to have it removed except in very rare and limited circumstances. Or click here to go directly to that page now.

At the bottom of that page is a link to the page where I discuss what I did to heal and keep my Gallbladder when it and I were in about the same condition you are. Or click here to go directly to that page now.

Briefly here is what I did to heal my Gallbladder. If you read the preceding links you have a really complete idea already.

I made a custom herbal formula for myself based upon Evergreen's herbs “Dissolve GS”...meaning dissolve gallbladder stones, it took 4 months for my body now working with the herbs in the formula to dissolve the stones in my GallBladder and for it to be restored to normal, but it happened and it happened without drugs or surgery or side effects of any kind...

Finally all my symptoms subsided and at that time the diagnostic point on my right leg (which will be tender on anyone with Gallbladder disease) stopped being tender.

Oh, yes...I stopped eating any fried, fatty or greasy foods, I stopped eating dairy, until the process was over. Now I only eat the prohibited foods once in a great while. It always reminds me why I gave it up steals my energy and makes me feel tired.

Believe me it was not hard to be good during the healing period, since your still sick Gallbladder will make you feel bad physically if you cheat.

Since it worked for me...and every patient I have treated with Gallbladder disease, it will work for you!

As long as your bile duct is not blocked by stones which would have necessitated immediate surgery. If your bile duct was blocked you would likely have turned yellow, have excruciating pain and be in the hospital by now.

If you have any doubts about your bile duct being blocked ask your MD.

So, if you would like me to take your case please call me at 941-926-4711 and in the mean time you can download the new patient intake form here...Please click here to down load a PDF file of my New patient intake form. Which you can print out, fill out and sign and bring to your first appointment if you will be coming to my office or you can mail in your form or email it to me if you have the capability of scanning documents and know how to do it.

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