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This Is The Story of My Gallbladder Disease...How Did I Keep My Gallbladder, Dissolve Stones, And Not Buy An "MD" A Mercedes?

The True Story of My Gallbladder Disease. How Did I Heal My Gallbladder Disease?The Answer Is Simple. I Took My Own Medicine. I Took What Has Been Proven To Work For Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Years!

Yes, to heal my Gallbladder disease, I took an herbal formula that has been used successfully for hundreds of years to restore and rejuvenate sick Gallbladders. I took it for 4 months. (4 months is the usual amount of time it is necessary to take the herbal formula in order to heal a sick Gallbladder).

Very close to the end of the 4th month of taking this herbal formula all my symptoms were gone. And that point the point on my right leg that I told you was diagnostic for Gallbladder disease stopped being tender.

Oh, yes...while I was taking "my medicine," I stopped eating any fried, fatty or greasy foods, I stopped eating dairy again, until the process was over. Now once in a while do I indulge in such things.

And so this ends the story of "How I Healed My GallBladder Disease."

Please note that if you participate in my Dr.-At-A-Distance Program, for less than the price of a first office visit with your local Oriental Medicine Practitioner, you can fax or email the information I need about your condition and have an over the phone "office visit" with me!

And with this special program you get 10% off the per bottle retail price of $29.00 of this encapsulated herbal formula and pay only $20 shipping to anywhere in the continental United States!

You will need to order a 4 month supply of this same medicine that worked for me and hundreds of thousands of others over the centuries.

That's right you can save 10% off the retail price for the necessary 4 month supply of this amazing herbal formula...I want to help you get better.

Since it worked for me...and every other patient I have treated with Gallbladder disease, it will work for you! If you take the medicine in time. Gallbladder disease only gets worse if not treated.

I have helped every patient who came to me with Gallbladder disease, whose bile duct was not blocked by stones necessitating immediate surgery.

My medicine dissolved their stones and and healed their Gallbladder. Each was able to keep their Gallbladder. This was how I healed my Gallbladder disease.

I want your story of "my gallbladder disease" to have a happy ending.

Don't wait until you are really sick and have to have your Gallbladder removed to prevent you from dying.

7 Easy Steps To A Healthy Gallbladder. Here In Detail Is How This Program Works!

How to make sure your personal story of "my gallbladder disease" has a happy ending...and make sure your MD does not get a new Mercedes at the expense of your gall really do need it. Here are the step by step details of what you need to do for me to help you with this terrible problem:

  • Step 1. Please click here to visit my Holistic Doctor Consultation, Health Coach, Wellness Coach, or as I like to call it my "Dr.-At-A-Distance Program."
  • Step 2. Fill out the form requesting my help with all the information requested and send it to me to request a free consultation. I will call you at the phone number you provide me on that form within 72 hours normally to briefly discuss your case, answer any questions you may have so that you can decide whether you want to work with me to heal your Gallbladder.
  • Step 3. Once you have decided that you want to participate in the program you can pay me over the phone using your Mastercard, or Visa Debit or Credit Card or you can pay using your PayPal account at my website near the bottom of the Health Coach...Dr.-At-A-Distance page pay the Gallbladder Treatment initial office visit, history and consultation fee of $125.00. via PayPal which you can do with your PayPal account, or Mastercard, Visa, debit or credit and Discover, etc...
  • Step 4. Then download and fill out all the information requested on my new patient-at-a-distance intake form. Please click here to download your copy of my patient-at-a-distance intake form.
  • Step 5. Next, Fax, mail, or email me your completed form.
  • Step 6. I will review it, and call you to schedule a telephone appointment to go over the information you provided and for me to answer any questions you may have.
  • Step 7. After we finish the Intake and history, it is time for you to order a minimum of 4 months supply of this special herbal formula...this formula comes in bottles of 100 capsules. The price per bottle is $29.00. You will need to take 10 capsules per day. So, one bottle will last 10 days. You will need to order at least 12 bottles of herbs to successfully complete the treatment. The normal cost of 12 bottles is $348.00 plus $20 Shipping within the continental United States for a total of $363.00 for 12 bottles of the herbal medicine to heal your Gallbladder. This is a lot safer, more effective and much less expensive than having surgery...don't wait until surgery is your only hope.
  • You may make this payment over the phone by giving me your Mastercard, Visa (debit or credit card) or Paypal Account information. Or, you may pay online via the links on the Doctor at a distance program.
  • As a Bonus. Once a month drop me an email to let me know how you are doing. Or call me anytime you have any questions or concerns. This call is free, this is included in the price already paid.

If you do this you will be able to write a happy ending for your story about "my gallbladder disease"!

Experience The Best of Traditional Chinese And Oriental Medicine...Come To My Clinic!

Call Dr. Eichenauer at 941-926-4711 to schedule your appointment or for a free telephone consultation.

Serving the local communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, North Port and Port Charlotte, Florida and those visiting our area seeking treatment. I have treated people from Africa, Europe, and S. America.

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