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Dangerous-Fats: Using Bad Fats And Oils In Your Food Can Kill You!

Here is what you need to know about dangerous-fats and food oils.

Butter and its fats are far less toxic than the fake fat in margarine.

Don't get me wrong. Eating dairy, even though it is in Yogurt form or Romano or Parmasan cheese which has been through a fermentation process, is not good for anyone. This is a matter of degree.

Point of historical interest and fact...Traditional Chinese Medicine has recommended not eating any dairy for thousands of years. Imagine that. How did they know? Because those who ate dairy had a myriad of heath problems that those who did not eat it did not have.

They observed "no animal continues to drink even it's own kind of mothers milk once it is weaned."

But here is the continuum issue. On a continuum from bad to worse...Butter, the body can deal with...margarine, it can't.

Margarine clogs the arteries, again because the body can't deal with it as it does nature's fats. These poisonous denatured fats just float around and around until they begin accumulating in various places in your body like your arteries.

Any oil that you find in your grocery store that is clear like Puritan, Crisco, etc...have all been processed to increase their shelf life by treating the normally benign vegetable oils by heating them to hundreds of degrees and thus "de-naturing them.

Denaturization in this case means the heat process has so changed the molecular composition of the oils that they no longer act like a product of nature. Your body can't recognize them and it doesn't have any tools or resources to deal with them.

The bile that the liver produces and accumulates in the Gallbladder to digest fats doesn't digest these fats.

These dangerous-fats permeate the liver and Gallbladder and accumulate over time and begin forming these stones or other smaller hard particles which can grow to become stones.

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