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"Cupping Ended My Cold And Stopped My Cough!"

Where Did This Procedure Originate? What Is It...And What Does It Do?

Photo of pneumatic cupping procedure

Cupping is a manual therapeutic procedure of Traditional Chinese Medicine or as many now call it Oriental Medicine that began in the Orient thousands of years ago. It is a Holistic Medicine technique that is part of our Natural Healing Technique Arsenal.

Applying pneumatic plastic cups to strategic parts of the body is very powerful and effective in alleviating the following symptoms and conditions:

  • Muscle and joint pains including those of the back, neck, extremities and shoulders,
  • Phlegm in the Lungs,
  • Cough,
  • Asthma,
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
  • Emphysema,
  • Bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Here Is What Cupping Did For Me. This Is The Reason Why I Use It On My Patients To This Day. It Works For Them Too

When I was a first year student studying to become a Licensed Acupuncture Physician and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I got a cold...a really bad cold....the kind that settles into your chest giving you that barking kind of uncontrollable cough that just won't quit.

This is the cough with the phlegm...the cough that comes in coughing fits that once start...seemingly won't end. It's totally out of control. It may last for a minute or an hour. The longer the coughing lasts the more exhausted you feel.

It even has social and success consequences. When I was in class and a fit would start, I would have to leave the class to avoid completely disrupting the classroom. Yes, it was that bad. Let's also say that I wasn't very popular at those times.

I was sick, hurting, annoying people, potentially spreading this "cold", missing classes, my ribs ached. Have you ever been there?

Why Book Learning Has Its Limitations And Practical Experience Often Triumphs Over Theory

I had studied cupping as a technique in a text book and was even tested on it. know how you read about something and it sounds....

"too good to be true"...

This was true for me. I really gave this technique no credibility what-so-ever. It was a nice footnote on an interesting ancient technique. As in...they used to make cups out of Bamboo, don't ya know.

But also I couldn't imagine how putting oil on someones back...applying the cup to the back...pumping some of the air out of it and then either leaving it over a particular acupuncture point...or moving the cup up and down over the muscles on either side of the spine could, "Open the Lungs," or "Resolve Phlegm in the Lungs", or "Invigorate the Flow of Qi (vital energy of the body) and Blood (including all the fluids that flow in the body).

Well I was a "lucky" skeptic. I was lucky because some caring person who had used cupping extensively in her treatments came up to me and asked me, "has anyone done cupping on your back to help you with that?" "I'll do some cupping on your right now, if you come back to the clinic area with me."

The cynical - skeptical voice in my head said, " Yeah right... what good will that do?" The part of me who was tired of suffering got the upper hand and said out loud, "OK, I'll try anything."

What Was My Experience With Cupping?

My benefactor had me take off my shirt and lay down on the treatment table. She rubbed some Tiger Balm (stronger than Ben Gay, it's the original recipe) on my back partly for lubrication and partly because it can help ease breathing.

She got out her cups, placed them on my back, pumped some of the air out of each one and began to slide them up and down the big muscles on each side of my spine over my lungs.

I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised that it actually felt good in a way I had never experienced before and is hard to describe.

She did this for about 20 minutes, intermittently moving them up and down. And finally said, "well that's it. Let me know how you do in case we need to repeat the process." I got up off the table still feeling congested, my back felt good which was nice. I thanked her and said, "I'll let you know."

Cupping Therapy being performed.

"Imagine My Surprise When Cupping Healed My Cough And Breathing Problem

I woke the next morning and was 50% better! I repeat, and this is no exaggeration, I was 50% better the next day! I had another two treatments and my cough was gone...all my remaining symptoms cleared up. I took no herbs or any other medicine.

How Did It Work? Why Did It Work?

Cupping works by improving the flow of energy and blood into the affected area, which relieves pain and promotes healing.

Additionally, there are acupuncture points up and down the spine and on each side of it. Applying cups and doing sliding cupping stimulates the points beneath. This is important because pressing on, rubbing, needling or cupping the points on the back of the body increases the energy going to each organ these points represent.

So, cupping stimulated my lungs and other vital organs and my body, especially my lungs were stimulated enough to begin clearing out the phlegm.

Coughing is a necessary and natural function of the body. It is almost always wrong and non-productive to suppress coughing. Excess phlegm or mucus in the lungs trigger coughing as a way of bringing phlegm and mucus up and out of the body.

When phlegm and mucus accumulate in the lungs they create a potent petri-dish for the growth of bacteria. What many people do not realize is that many of the potentially dangerous bacteria inhabit our lungs, nasal passages...essentially every orifice of the body and the places that lead from them to the organs they go to.

How Does The Immune System Play Into All of This?

It is the strength of our immune system that keeps these potential bad guys in check. I want to state this as simply and as accurately as best measured by the strength of your body over all. Your energy level is a direct measure of the strength of your immune system in general.

Things To Consider If You Plan On Having Cupping Performed On You

When there is significant stagnation of Qi and blood in an area, there may be some bruising in the areas treated. This is not harmful, it is just like any other bruise and will go away in a few days. (However long it normally takes your body to heal bruises). This is a very small price to pay for the kind of healing I experienced and you will experience.

If you will be going out and dressing up or going to the beach and want to wear clothes that would expose the affected areas, you need to take into account that there may be bruises evident.

Don’t have this procedure done if you are planning to dress in a way in that exposes your back and are concerned about your appearance over the next week to week and a half—however long it takes you to heal a bruise.

Also, if you are in a relationship, you need to let your partner and/or family members know that you have had a healing procedure done and that bruising is a natural outcome of the treatment and that the procedure will expedite your healing and pain relief. Be sure to mention that the procedure didn’t hurt as it was performed.

Cupping marks on a persons back

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