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My Discount Acupuncture Offer! You Pay Only $75 For Your First Two Acupuncture Office Visits and Acupuncture Treatments For Pain and Other Health Conditions!
But Only If You Call 941-926-4711 Before February 28, 2013 And Schedule Your Appointment!

If You Take Advantage of My Discount Acupuncture Offer, You Will Be On Your Way To Being Pain Free, Improved Health or Both!

Save $125! A 63% Savings Off My Usual Fees!

Freedom From Pain And Other Health Issues Acupuncture Special! But Only If You Call 941-926-4711 Before February 28, 2013 And Schedule Your Appointment!

The Purpose of This Discount Acupuncture Offer Is To Prove My Acupuncture Will Reduce And Heal Your Pain or Resolve Your Other Health Problems!

And Once I've Proven That I Can Do It...

Why Wouldn't You Want To Complete The Treatment With Me To Eliminate Your Pain Or Heal Your Other Health Conditions?

Yes! You Can Be Pain Free Without Drugs Or Surgery....Here Is The Most Important Reason You Should Take My Offer!

Here is why I am willing to make this discount acupuncture offer to you...

I have acquired very rare and quite specific knowledge, skills and expertise over my many years of practice that enables me to use acupuncture in a way that few others can do to mobilize and direct your body's self-healing ability to heal the source of your pain,

...and restore proper function to the affected area.

My skills allow me to do the same for almost any other kind of disease or health issue you face.

This is not some kind of hyperbole or exaggeration...

My aim is to prove it to you!

Specifically Here's What You Will Get With My Discount Acupuncture Offer:

A first, up to one and a half hour, office visit and appointment worth up to a $125 value (included in this $75 offer for the 2 visits) that includes the following:

  • Your personal introduction to acupuncture: what it is and how it works and why it is pain free and so effective the way I perform it,
  • answers to all your acupuncture and health concern related questions,
  • collection and evaluation of your health and treatment history,
  • performance of a physical examination appropriate for your condition to the extent necessary,
  • development of a personal treatment plan,
  • and finally performing a acupuncture treatment personally designed by me for you to begin the process of reducing and eliminating your pain or healing your condition.
  • Allow up to an hour and a half for this visit.

You also get a second office visit for another acupuncture treatment (a $75 value all by it self)...Allow 1 hour for this visit.

I have 40 years of health care experience and success in both Western and Oriental medicine.

I was a Medical Disability Examiner who evaluated the effectiveness of various Western Medicine treatments. This enables me to help you get the best out of your current Western medicine treatments making them even more effective.

I graduated from a 4 year program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine at the top of my class.

What Else Could You Ask For If You Have Pain?...How About A Money Back Guarantee!

Here is how my Money Back Guarantee part of my discount acupuncture offer for as it applies only to pain conditions works.

To be as clear as possible...I am not offering money back for conditions that don't involve pain and are for things like relief of stress or anxiety or improving energy or improving sleep or relieving digestive difficulties, etc...

If by 48 hours after your second treatment, you have not experienced at least one of the following, I will refund your entire $75.00 Payment.

The reason for listing these signs is that when any of these things happen it means I am 99 percent confident that with further treatment, I can eliminate your pain...Which is the whole point of the offer.

  • reduction in the intensity of the pain
  • change in the location or quality of the pain, from one place to another
  • or changes in quality from for example sharp stabbing to dull aching.

Important Money Back Guarantee Information...

  • This Money Back Guarantee offer is "valid for pain conditions only and only if you are having pain at the time of your first office visit." If you are not having pain when I treat you, how can I demonstrate that I have reduced your pain? To reiterate this Money Back Guarantee offer is "valid for pain conditions only and only if you are having pain at the time of your first office visit."
  • This offer is for new patients only!
  • Additionally, you have to schedule and keep your second appointment within three days of the first appointment in order to qualify for the Money Back Guarantee Offer. So, for example, if your first appointment was on a Monday the second one has to be not later than the Thursday of the same week. As another example, if your first appointment was on a Friday your second one must be scheduled and kept not later than then Monday after the intervening weekend.
  • To get a refund all you have to do is call me within 48 hours of completion of your second treatment and tell me that you didn't get any change, reduction or relief from your pain at all. I will cheerfully refund your money!

I Provide Professional Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine Services to the Local Communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice and North Port, Florida.

Call 941-926-4711 To Take Advantage of My Discount Acupuncture Offer Now! This Is Too Good An Offer To Pass Up.

Why else, other than complete confidence in my skills, would I be willing to give such a big discount on the first two office visits and acupuncture treatments and offer a money back guarantee for those in pain?

In fact I will be surprised if you don't leave my clinic with reduced pain or even no pain after the first treatment.

And I'll be shocked if you don't experience any pain relief after the second treatment.

If you are like many people with chronic pain, you have likely tried everything but acupuncture including drugs and and maybe even surgery...

If you are like most people you have probably heard at least one story about acupuncture helping someone with chronic and even intractable pain...

You might be thinking..."they were just lucky..."

"It probably won't work for me..."

"What if I spend a lot of money and it still doesn't work?"

Between you and me, those would be problems for me too!

With this offer all of those concerns are addressed.

You will find out that it will work for you.

You will not spend a lot of money to find out.

So, let me help you!

Here Are A Couple of Testimonials To Show You What I Can Do:

"I heard about Dr. Eichenauer's amazing skills from my sister who had just finished treatment with him for back pain that had kept her using a cane and even a walker when things were really bad since the 1980s...It is amazing, she doesn't have any back pain any more and she doesn't need the cane or the walker any more!

That was a good enough recommendation for me.

On April 2, 2012 at 3 PM, I had an appointment for acupuncture with Dr. Eichenauer to treat the bursitis in my left shoulder.

My MD had done at least two cortisone injections that ultimately didn't work and was recommending surgery. I didn't even want to think about surgery.

For weeks before the appointment and at the time of the appointment I could only lift my arm to the side as high as my shoulder. After the treatment by 8:30 pm that same day I could lift it all the way up 180 degrees without pain.

This is truly amazing and all without harmful drugs, no more cortisone injections and no surgery.

I am very happy with the results."

Joyce C. Sarasota, FL

Please click here to read pages of other folks testimonials.

Call 941-926-4711 Now To Take Advantage of This Discount Acupuncture Offer Now! This Is Too Good An Offer To Pass Up.

State of Florida Required Notification For Discounted Services Including Discount Acupuncture Treatments

Regarding My Discount Acupuncture Offer:


Information About How I Treat, My Philosophy of Healing, And What Kinds of Pain This Offer Is For!

Please click here to learn more about my clinic, my healing philosophy, and what kinds of pain this offer will help.

What You May Not Know About Oriental Medicine...What Is It?

Please click here learn more about Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Eichenauer's Education, Training, And Background!

Please click here to learn more about my education and training, background other other details.

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"I don't care what is wrong with you...see Dr. Eichenauer. He can help you with anything. He helped me with every problem I ever presented him with.

I even had major surgery for a complete bowel obstruction and he got me back to work months faster than the hospital MDs told me was possible.

His herbal formulas worked wonders for me that time as they always do.

When I called him and told him my symptoms that night, Dr. Eichenauer was the one who told me to go straight to the emergency room right away that night when my bowel was obstructed."

J.R. Sarasota, FL

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