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If You Seek To Breathe Better, Why Salt Lamps and Himalayan Salt Lamps Specifically?

Solay's Fair Trade Salt Lamps

It Is Said, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Not Only Are These Salt Lamps Beautiful Beyond Description...But They Improve Your Health, TOO!" Where Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Come From?

Where Himalayan Salt Lamps Come From

What Can Himalayan Salt Lamps Do To Improve My Health?

Breathe in fresh forest air or an ocean salt breeze and you will notice you feel more relaxed...more alive!

Connection to nature and the earth is crucial for health. In the forest the trees create an oxygen rich environment that nourishes our entire body.

Forest and ocean breezes are highly charged with natures negative ions that nourish our cells and the elimination of free radical toxins.

While we can't always be near a forest or the ocean some of the benefits of being there can be brought into our homes and offices by bringing natural elements into our homes and offices.

House plants become our "forest" to oxygenate our indoor air.

Pure crystal salt lamps ionize our indoor air just like the forests and ocean airs do and provide similar benefits to our breathing and our overall health.

With their gentle glow and organic shapes, Solay crystal salt lamps are simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

Each one-of-a-kind lamp is hand chisled to preserve its primordial energy for a solid block of crystal salt, hand excavated from the millions of years old pristine sea beds at the foothills of they Himalayan mountains, Polish salt caves, and rare Persian Salt beds created long before the pollution levels of our modern dirty air.

These natural works of art work wonders for our health. Just as crystal salt caves and bodies of water are used to this day to promote healing and cure breathing ailments. The healthy negative ions created by crystal salt lamps help oxygenate and purify our air.

Not just me but many other users of crystal salt lamps report improved breathing and immune system function and an enhanced sense of well-being from the constant effects of utilizing crystal salt lamps.

The ionizing effects of crystal salt lamps help to negate the effects of the EMF or electro-magnetic-frequencies put out by our electronic gadgets like computers and monitors and TV sets, cell phones and other electronic devices that so populate our homes and offices.

Solay natural crystal salt lamps are coveted for the rich mineral content that gives them their unique glow...

Solay is picky about picking only the finest crystal salt lamps, working with artisans dedicated to sustainability and fair trade...and to creating beautiful, safe lamps, that last a lifetime.


"This is me, Dr. Eichenauer...I have suffered from severe almost debilitating allergy symptoms for over 30 years, nothing not herbs or acupuncture or NAET helped my particular symptoms which were more a feeling of fatigue and brain fog or difficulty thinking...not feeling bright and clear headed.

In late July 2011, I finally bought a set of Himalayan Salt Lamps from Solay. I now use them in my home and office.

Not only are my allergies diminishing, my breathing improving, my house and office smelling like the fresh air you breathe near the ocean, but my energy has been improving as well.

I used to go into my office and feel abnormally more and more tired the longer I was there. I always suspected there was something noxious in the A/C ducts that was getting to me. Now I go into my office and my energy stays high.

These natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps really work and cost almost nothing to run having only a 15 watt bulb as the only replaceable part. You just plug them in and they create the life enhancing negative ions which freshens and purifies the air you breathe.

I got enough lamps for both my home and office for half the price of an Oreck Professional air purifier. And I own and have used one of these. One of the problems with the Oreck besides its expense, it puts out ozone to purify the air and ozone is toxic and according to California scientists ozone is a cancer causing agent.

Nothing I have ever tried has so benefited my particular airborne allergy problem." Dr. Glenn Eichenauer, DOM, AP, Florida

"Hi! I received my second order of salt lamps and salt. They are so beautiful!!! I have one in my bedroom and it really helps me and my husband sleep better. I have much less congestion and he has fewer problems with apnea. We love it! I bought each of my parents one and one for each of my children as Christmas presents"—Christina

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