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I have intestinal Polyps what can I do? What can you suggest?

by Sarah

"Dear Dr. Eichenauer,

I am excited to come across your site, you have so much information!

But I do have a question for you. Last year at 48 yrs old I went for a baseline colonoscopy (my dr suggested it just because I was having trouble with internal hemmoroids) which I do have. But they found 20 benign polyps.  

I went again this year - 11 months later and they found 26 more, they were also benign, which I am thankful for, but I just feel there is something more I could be doing.  

I do try to juice daily, sometimes I am better at it than other days. But after reading some of your posts, what would you recommend for juicing?  My juice usually consists of 1/2 beet, about 3 carrots, sometimes a head of broccoli, 1 - 2 apples and occasional orange.  I'm hoping you have some suggestions for me.  

It's frustrating to hear the doctors say, they have no idea what causes polyps, so therefore there is nothing I can do to prevent them.  

I just feel there is something I should be doing !  

One dr I went to see to have her tie off a couple of the internal hemmoroids spent the whole time I was in there talking about how she would take out part of my intestines, she literally spent over an hr describing this, then even called me when i got home to read something she had found in a book, describing how she could take out a section without me needing to be put on a bag !!  

I was beside myself, am I really at that point yet ?   Anyway, thank you so much for having a spot for us to ask you questions, sometimes there's just no place to turn to!  I appreciate any advice.  

Thank you, Sarah

Here is my reply to Sarahs Question

Hi Sarah,

Here is what I can tell you in a general way about intestinal polyps...MDs will tell you that they are almost always cancerous or pre-cancerous.

I know and now you know that just is not true...

I would totally advise against the proposed surgical removal of any part of your intestine...

Question, did they surgically remove all the polyps they found the first time? What about the most recent bunch of polyps? Where they removed? I'm guessing they were removed and biopsied and as you said found to be benign.

Again, as I said, disproving the myth held by Mds that all polyps are to be feared because they are cancerous.

What polyps really are is the body's attempt to deal with and get rid of the toxins that come with have some kind of inflammatory process going on in your body...

I think polyps “ripen” metaphorically and drop off the intestinal wall in time and are eliminated naturally, especially if you can figure out what is causing the inflammation.

I like that you are juicing...use more carrots in your juice and don't mix fruit and vegetable juice...

Here is a good recipe and one that tastes great too... 50% carrots, and of the remainder equal parts of celery, fresh peeled cucumber and some leafy greens...if you can handle the taste add your ½ beet...

Just as a precaution, leave out the broccoli since it is known to irritate, inflame, some folks colons (intestines)

This is about all I can do for you in such a general way...

One the one hand I'm saying don't let the Mds and Surgeons scare you into having surgery that you will likely come to regret...they've already proven to your great cost, pain, and inconvenience that they are benign.

But ultimately, this is your call. I cannot make it for you.

I can see no reason to keep having an annual colonoscopy for a presently benign problem.

And on the other hand, if you and I can discover what is causing the inflammation (and reduce your intake of it or eliminate it and I know we can) and you take herbs to deal with the inflammation, you can be past all of this.

You may have seen my Dr. At-A-Distance Program. Here is a link to that page, so that if you should choose me to help you, you can learn how the program works...I'm sure I can help you with this issue.

I'd be happy to work with you...the process is easy...we do over the phone and with faxed in documents what we would do in the office...we don't need lab tests and I don't need to physically see you...we know what the symptom all we need to do is find the cause and heal the problem.

Here is the link. Please click here to learn more about my Health and Wellness Coach Program or as I like to call it my Dr. At-A-Distance Program.

Feel free to call me to discuss my helping you, if that is something you would like to do...,or if you have any more questions or need more information.

Thank you for your question. I hope my response helps.


Glenn Eichenauer, OMD, L'AP

Here is Sarahs Response back which also contains valuable perspective.

Dear Dr. Eichenauer,
Thank you so much for your reply.  I have been saying for the past year that there has got to be more to it then, "ok I have polyps and there's nothing I can do about it." 

I'm always looking for a natural approach to my health.  A couple years ago I read a book written by Dr Asa. I followed his advice on following a diet that reduces inflammation and it really worked, as far as feeling good, not bloated in any way. 

I do test my Alkaline level with the Litmus Paper to try to keep that in the ( clarification...GE) range.
Your advice has really brought light to my problem. 

They did get all the polyps removed both times, then they were biopsied and found to be benign. 

I have never felt right about them taking out part of my intestines, I couldn't seem to get it across to this woman dr that how can I instantly be at that point to need them out ???  

The other problem was they pushed and pushed me to go for genetic testing, to see if i have the mutated gene that will give me cancer !! 

I refused it because I know that I could not live knowing that i was a sitting duck, waiting to get cancer cause if I have that gene. 

When I refused it, the first dr that did my colonoscopy and the woman dr who I went to to have the internal hemmoroids tied off, they were so pushy my husband had to call them and tell them to stop calling me. 

I just couldn't believe it. 

But then i found out that it's a $2,000.00 test, so someones making money at my expense!  

Even if I have the bad gene, there's nothing I can do but diet and lifestyle change, so why not just do the diet and lifestyle change !!
I have been on your site often and I think you are so helpful. 

I do plan on calling you because I would love to have your help. Again Thank you so much. 

And I gladly let you post my question on your website to help other people.

I have searched the internet for over a year now and have not really found the answers I've been looking for, so if this could help someone with the same problems, please do post it.
Like I said before, thank you so much for giving people a place to turn :)
I look forward to talking to you again soon.
Thank you so much!


Here is my reply to Sarahs Response.


While other people, other professionals might disagree with my perspective on Genetic testing to see if you have "XYZ" gene or "the cancer gene", I don't believe this is either good science or good medical practice...

First, if you do have the "gene", there is nothing you can do about it. The worst thing you could do would be to not improve your diet and do what you can to eliminate the inflammation...

The science is not conclusive in any case and no one really knows what turns genes on or off...this is a good way for people who possess the technology to make some money off people...for what benefit?

They...the gene testers have great sales pitches, but again they really offer nothing, medicine offers nothing...and what you get is a kind of constant repetition that you are doomed...And such prophecies can have a damaging effect on your emotional and physical health...

This is another thing for you to consider...every time the drs remove a polyp this opens you up to a possible infection and further inflammation of your colon. Just think about it for a has to, doesn't it? In my medical opinion it posses that risk.

Plus, if you are put under general anesthesia when they surgically remove these polyps then you are being weakened...general anesthesia is poison and it takes a long time for the stuff to be eliminated from your body.

I look forward to working with you to find a personalized solution to this problem.


Glenn Eichenauer, OMD, L'AP

Here is Sarah's Response to my previous thoughts which again contains even more insight and valuable perspective.

Dear Dr. Eichenauer,

Thank you for all your great advice.

It seems the MD's know one way of dealing with illness, and it isn't to get to the root of the problem and heal the cause, it's to bandaid it.

So if they just take out part of my intestines and don't get to the root of the problem (inflammation), then whats next... I will continue to get the polyps, causing them to take more and more out! There is no sense to that at all !

I totally agree with what you say about going under and having them cut them out, is posing a big risk of infection, as taking too many antibiotics is poison too, but that's the first thing they prescribe!

A lot like the flu shot, they push that every where you go!

Thanks again ;)

I look forward to working with you soon.


Comments for I have intestinal Polyps what can I do? What can you suggest?

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Mar 21, 2018
by: Glenda

Thank you for your comments on what polyps really are and there role in the body. I truly appreciate your response.

Aug 26, 2017
Panicking about polyps
by: Anonymous

Last year I had bleeding, then had to undergo 3 different colonoscopies to remove 16 polyps (the complication is because i have von willibrands disease so i bled and they claim i was lucky to have found the normally non symptomatic polyps this way). My fears are based on a couple of things... 1) they told me mine were the bad kind that can change to cancer.. not benign but not cancer yet (I still have no idea what this means) and 2) I have more intense symptoms now (12 months later due for another colonoscopy to check and this time endoscopy too). Are my symptoms now from the colonoscopies and damage caused? because if new polyps it doesn't make sense because i never had symptoms before. Naturally I am scared of cancer, of them having missed one, or what it all means, and each time i have a colonoscopy it will be distressing for me. I have an all natural approach usually... my diet is perfect, i take good bacteria etc. I don't know what to do. Please can you help? I also have two diagnosed autoimmune diseases...hashimotos and from a long time again rheumatoid arthritis. I don't have an inflammatory diet, or smoke, etc. I do yoga, i am very thin and otherwise look the picture of health. I am having so much anxiety over this. I'm genuinely scared and don't trust the doctors but am scared not to find out what is going on.

May 18, 2016
Malignant colonpolyps
by: Somaya

Hi my brother has these polyps in his colon.doc says its malignant.doc suggested surgery to remove hole colon and having a stoma bag for the rest of his life.plz advice wat alternatives are there.thank you

May 17, 2016
Colon polyps
by: Ana

Dear Dr. Eichenauer and Sarah,
I got my first colonoscopy few months ago and they found 50 polyps!!! One of them was so large they could not remove it and sent me to see a surgeon. The surgeon wants to cut my whole large intestine out!! I simply cannot accept that approach when I haven't tried anything else to remedy the situation. I am having very little luck finding of suggestions/solutions of what to do, everywhere I turn the suggestion is to cut the intestine out. I am trying a low inflammation diet and see what happens, also taking curcumin and quercitin supplements. Praying for positive results. Any more information you can share on the subject is really appreciated.

Apr 05, 2016
intestinal Polyps
by: R.Lalbiaktluanga

I had intestinal polyps one year back at my colonoscopy result. As had heart attack in 2010, I was on blood thinner(deplatt). Doctor Baruah is telling that, we cannot operate you, because of my medication of blood thinner. I had stopped my deplatt the next day, ready for my next colonoscopy. After six months I had done my colonoscopy again, thank to Jesus Christ, all is gone.That is 2015.

My medicine is this:

I went for home remedies, and i tried turmeric powder, 2 tea spoonful in a cup of water every night, it was gone. I still did it till today.

Please try this.


May 19, 2015
Veggie juices that remove polyps & toxins
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Dr E for the valuable information. I learned more in the 10 minutes reading this web page than 10 yrs of mainstream Drs advice.

So, I have a question; What veggie juices would you recommend to me to dissolve polyps, also taking into consideration I cannot go under anesthesia as I've had really bad reactions, due to sulfa/sulfite/histamine intolerance -- I have the (inherited) MTHFR gene.

As you know, with the MTHFR Gene my body doesn't have the same ability as those without this Gene to eliminate toxins.

With that said, I'd like to start a veggie juicing regime (already purchased a new juicer) to eliminate polyps AND toxins. Although I like onions and spinach both give me hives and welts since both are high in Sulfites/Histamine.

Given my goals (to eliminate some toxins & polyps naturally) and having this Histamine tolerance to deal with, what specific veggies would you recommend for juicing so that I may achieve my goals and hopefully end the discomfort. Thanks.

Mar 28, 2015
With fiber is more natural
by: Anonymous

I know a lot of people believe in Juicing, and I am not discounting it. But I do have one problem with it, and it is this: it is not natural. Our anspcestors did not have the ability to extract All of the fiber out of fruits and vegetables, and I think that there is a reason for that: We need them to keep the "pipes " clean.

I think that fruits and vegetables (non-GMO) are pretty perfect in themselves, and that our ancestors and other countries that do not have the Recto-Colon and stomach Cancer and polyp problems that we have --> such as Nepal, where I Read by a Missionary doctor who worked there for 36 years that he and his wife--also a physician--never saw EVEN ONE CASE ! --these people eat the whole fruit (or at least some of the pulp. They are often poor people and could not afford much meat or any processed food to speak of. He found that very significant, especially when he returned to the states and found iit among the top causes of death in the US and Western civilization.

All that being said, I have problems with my intestines, so I purchased a Vitamixer; that way I have the best of both worlds: Because it releases the enzymes. This can make digesting them much easier, yet still clean my intestinal/colon walls .

-Lisa of Renton, Wa.

Mar 28, 2015
Dairy as a Source of Inflammation and Polyps
by: Anonymous

I recommend eliminating dairy , as it can be an inflammation source . Or, if you aren't willing to do that, try switching to raw milk, cream,mcheese,m& yogurt for a few months, and see how you do inflammation-wise.

I am doing it right now. I switched to coconut milk and raw cream. It is a relatively inexpensive way to attempt to reduce my inflammation levels (which have been considerable, I have multiple health concerns).

It has been nearly a month, and I noticed my inflammation levels seem lower and I am sleeping better.

When they pasteurize the milk products, they boil them quite a while for fear of germs. This may kill germs, but the problem with this process is it kills all the good germs too AND the enzymes which help us to digest it properly. We are not baby cows, and our body does not produce the lactase enzyme to digest the lactose sugar in the cows milk. I really love cream and have found no substitute that is sugar-free (or as tasty) so I have been buying raw cream from an authorized dealer not too far from me (they deliver it to a store or depot.

This and the casein protein in cheese and other dairy products can both cause inflammation in humans. It is worth it for the sake of Cancer-prevention and to improve quality of live by lowering inflammation to Retrain your Palate if it means better Health. Where there is a will, there is a way.

-Lisa of Renton, Wa

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