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Your Health Coach, Dr. At-A-Distance Program is Wonderful!

by Gale
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Dr. Glenn,

Thank you so much for the most rewarding Telephone Consultations as part of your Health Coach/Dr. At-A-Distance Program.

Prior to calling you I spent many a hour doing research on how to lower high blood pressure...The natural way, and keep it there...

It wasn't until I found your web site and absorbed all the wonderful information, is when I decided to give you a telephone phone call, and participate in your Dr. At-A-Distance Program and am I glad I did.

Green juicing,  garlic, Flax oil, raw apple cider vinegar, raw vegetables/salads/ chicken/turkey/fish/eating my way to a healthy blood pressure along with walking 1-to 4 miles a day, just wasn't doing it...

Kept asking myself, how much real food do I really have to eat to correct high blood pressure?

So I kept asking God, please show me who I can talk to... I believed there had to be a real all my concerns.

As you and I talked I recall one specific deep rooted frustrating emotion (that lived with me from the beginning of time) I believe this nasty emotion was the real root cause that was playing havoc with having normal blood pressure.

You helped me find and heal this emotional pain that I believe was literally killing me.

I am so happy to say my mind, body and spirit now feels a total peace within.

The bondage to this frustrating emotion has left and also, my blood pressure is behaving in normal range...

I am so grateful to you, Dr Glenn...

As I go on my continuous journey to wonderful health...I will always know you found the missing links for me...

Dr. Glenn, you are absolutely are are the was more than worth every penny you charged.

May God Continue blessing you in your good work in helping those in need.....

Gail from Canada

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