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The Needles Don't Hurt

by Marcia
(Nokomis, Fl.)

Even though I do not like needles I decided to try Acupuncture for my headaches and the pain in my shoulders and neck.

Dr. Eichenauer put me at ease right away with the explanation of his needling process and a demonstration of inserting the needles that he uses into himself.

His verbal introduction of his background and the history of acupuncture was very reassuring and I knew that I had picked the right place to go.

After the first treatment almost all the pain was gone and I have not had the first headache since that one.

The second treatment got rid of the remaining tightness and has not come back.

He also treated me for some insomnia issues and that too improved after the second treatment.

I did a third and fourth treatment to reinforce the results from the first two. I have not any headaches and my shoulders and neck are pain free. I am sleeping much better now too.

If you have wanted to try acupuncture but hesitate due to a fear of needles, or you are skeptical of the results, I encourage you to give Dr. Eichenauer a chance. I am sure happy that I did.

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His herbal formulas worked wonders for me that time as they always do.

When I called him and told him my symptoms that night, Dr. Eichenauer was the one who told me to go straight to the emergency room right away that night when my bowel was obstructed."

J.R. Sarasota, FL

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