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Health - A State of Knowledge, Commitment and Right Action!

by Richard S. Porter
(Payson, Arizona, USA)

Hi Dr. Glenn!!!

Your E-Book is an excellent investment for anyone interested in improving or maintaining their good health. Your book with its diverse topics will be a wonderful guide for any individual in search of improving their health greatly over what they are currently experiencing...

As you state in your book, it is more than this... but part of what Health is, is a state of consciousness... Good or Bad. And your health will reflect it...good or bad.

...To change an ill health condition from bad to good, one has to be willing to make a commitment to change old ways of doing things, learn more healthy ways, make a program of action and stay with it...

I loved your inspiring chapters about Hope and the killers of you say without true hope healing doesn't happen.

Your E-Book explains all the avenues to assess, select, and create a path to recovery...

Glenn, the problem as I see it is, and I am only lending support from my personal experience with you to what you have written about in your wonderful book...

...many people after they recover from say surgery like I did (5 artery by-pass heart surgery) and start to feel better often forget that the health improving program they promised themselves to follow in regaining their health must be adhered to...

...a solid commitment must be made to yourself and you have to keep it, even if you "fall of the wagon" so to speak.

Another point you made in your book that really spoke to me is that if someone wants to regain, maintain or improve their health they need to remember that...

...everything we eat becomes an integral part of every cell of our physical body and eating processed or fast foods or foods laced with chemical preservatives and other additives just may kill these cells...and then bigger chunks of our bodies.

Your book makes it clear, and the evidence is in, that there are foods (or so called foods) that are so processed and loaded with chemicals-be they vitamins or preservatives or artificial food colorings that the human body is not able to use them to create healthy cells, tissue, bones and the body does not create healthy cells. As you point out such foods are nutritionally worthless.

From having read your book and paying attention to what you have been teaching me and what I have been seeing validated in other places over the last few years... of the rules I use is, if it was grown "organically" out of the ground with no pesticides or just may be what my body needs to be healthy...and if just may kill me!!! Am I willing to take the risk???

After having my chest split open and my heart removed and operated on is not something I ever want to experience again!!!

You talk about the importance of Enzymes...Seems as though there is never enough discussion about ENZYMES and the importance they play in the building and nourishing of every cell in our bodies...

Dr. Glenn has done us all a service by writing his e-book...Buy a copy of it and read it...PAY ATTENTION AND USE IT!!! YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!

In case you hadn't noticed from my statement above, I highly recommend that you buy a copy of this book if you are sick or just want to stay well for the rest of your won't regret it. I promise.

Here is a little of the history of how my friend Dr. Glenn has helped me over the years...I had the benefit of his help long before he wrote this book. What he taught me is all in his new e-book.

Eight years ago Dr. Eichenauer prescribed a custom designed complex herbal formula to support my whole body with emphasis on my heart condition...(I had five by-pass heart surgery almost 12 years ago)...I began slowly weaning myself off all AMA medications and converting to a Vegan diet I have never felt more healthy in all my 75 years on the little blue sphere...

Last year Dr. Eichenauer introduced me to the long known sound nutritional advice of "Only Fruit 'Till Noon", and "Eat more live food like fruits and vegetables than dead (meat)or cooked food"...and when eating cooked/dead food to take natural plant based Digestive Enzymes...This program is not a diet but a "Way of Life"...

I now have more "Lasting Energy" throughout the day and am feeling better than ever before!!!

Thank you Dr. Eichenauer for being my doctor and my very best friend!!!

If anyone would like to ask me any questions about this book or would like to have a reference about Dr. Eichenauer, please call me at 928-978-4218.

In Truth, Light and Love!!!

Richard S. Porter
Paysen, AZ

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