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Dr Eichenauer has HELPED ME!!!

by Shelly Kurtz
(Venice Fl)

For years I have had stomach and digestive issues, along with hot flashes, and many sleepless nights. After years of diet and supplements that didn't work, I tried Dr Eichenauer.

After two treatments I was sleeping better. Sometime during acupuncture acid reflex stopped, aches and pains improved, I felt better.

After 7 treatments and use of herbal medicines I am doing much better vs years of other methods I tried.

Dr Eichenauer confirmed my gall bladder issue and we ARE HEALING IT!!

Neck Pain about gone!

I am very Happy!

SK in Venice Florida

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Here Is A Testimonial I'll Never Forget!:

"I don't care what is wrong with you...see Dr. Eichenauer. He can help you with anything. He helped me with every problem I ever presented him with.

I even had major surgery for a complete bowel obstruction and he got me back to work months faster than the hospital MDs told me was possible.

His herbal formulas worked wonders for me that time as they always do.

When I called him and told him my symptoms that night, Dr. Eichenauer was the one who told me to go straight to the emergency room right away that night when my bowel was obstructed."

J.R. Sarasota, FL

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