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Cabbage Nutrition: Does Cabbage Have Mighty Healing Powers?Could Cabbage Nutrition Be Better For You Than Any Drug Which Claims To Have Similar Functions?....And The Answer Is...

Yes!You May Never Have Thought About Food As Medicine, But It Is...Here's Why.

Yes Cabbage Provides Incredible Healing Powers According To Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cabbage TCM Healing Properties:

Cabbage Nutrition. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Cabbage is a food with incredible healing power.

Thermically (meaning it has a heating or cooling or neutral effect on the body's temperature): It is slightly warming. It slightly warms the body.

Taste: Sweet and pungent (strong taste).

Healing Properties:

1. Benefits the stomach, heals ulcers, improves digestion, eliminates worms, especially when combined with garlic. To heal ulcers of the stomach or duodenum drink 1/2 cup of freshly made cabbage juice 2 to 3 times per day between meals. Continue for at least two weeks even if symptoms disappear before two weeks.

2. It benefits and beautifies the skin when taken internally and used externally on the skin. Cabbage treats skin eruptions, leg ulcers, reduces varicose veins, heals wounds...

...even gangrenous wounds if used as a poultice and taken internally simultaneously. To make a poultice grate the cabbage, mix it with water and wrap the affected area. Change poultices at least four or even more times per day.

3. Purifies the blood and eliminates toxins from the blood.

4. Reduces arthritic pain when applied to joints.

5. Moistens the intestines and treats constipation.

6. Helps alleviate the symptoms of the common cold.

7. It calms the mind and is useful in treating depression and irritability.

Cabbage Nutrition...Modern Scientific Information:

Cabbage is nutrient-packed and low in calories.

Cabbage has a high content of the following minerals: calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, sulfur, and phosphorus.

In the vitamin department, it is loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K and folic acid. It also contains vitamin U which has been demonstrated to be an ulcer healing remedy.

It may be hard to believe but it has more vitamin C than an orange.

Its high sulfur content gives it many of its healing properties.

Cabbage in the form of raw, un-pasteurized Sauerkraut is excellent for cleansing and rejuvenating the digestive tract, improving or re-establishing the intestinal flora and for treating difficult cases of constipation.

Modern Known Healing Properties of Cabbage!:

Even modern science has documented the many amazing healing powers of Cabbage.

Anemia: The super healing effect of the superior chlorophyll in cabbage has been found to be good for blood building.

Cancer: Daily and frequent consumption of cabbage juice has shown to be effective in preventing and treating cancers of the breast, colon, liver, lung and ovarian. A compound in cabbage, sulforaphane, also helps protect cells from invasion of carcinogens.

Constipation: The slightly laxative effect of cabbage makes it effective in stimulating bowel movements. Eat uncooked cabbage, either on its own, or juiced.

Boosts the immune system and helps reduce allergies: A compound in Cabbage Nutrition called histidine has been found to be useful in treating allergies and regulating the T-cells in our immune systems.

Skin wounds another approach: Flatten layers of cabbage leaves with a rolling pin, and wrap the flattened leaves around affected areas of wound, blisters, sores, skin eruptions (as in psoriasis), burns and ulcers. Keep in place with a bandage, until the leaves turn yellow then change the leaves and repeat until the wounds heal. Clean and dry wounds between applications.

Weight loss: A substance in cabbage inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. So eating cabbage or drinking its juice is definitely a painless way of losing weight.

Juicing Considerations:

Raw cabbage juice tastes bitter and may therefore be difficult to drink, although the benefits of drinking it in its raw state are immense.

To make Cabbage juice easier and more palatable to drink, mix your cabbage juice with other juices like celery, carrot, pineapple, tomato or a citrus fruit. You may also find it tastes OK by adding honey to taste. I recommend you juice it with carrots, celery, spinach...essentially other compatible vegetables.

Take raw cabbage juice in small amounts initially if you are unfamiliar with drinking vegetable juice, gradually increasing amount.

Do not drink more than 1 cup at any one time. Cabbage consumption may cause gas in some people, especially when cooked.

Selection Criteria, Storage and Use:

Beyond Cabbage Nutrition to the practical selection, storage and use considerations.

Choose smaller sized heads over larger ones, they taste better.

Cabbage is easier to digest in its raw fresh form than when cooked. The longer it is cooked, the less digestible it becomes.

Cabbage sprouts are more delicate and easier to digest, and they also contain higher levels of nutrients.

Avoid buying pre-cut cabbage that is either halved or shredded. The moment the cabbage is cut, it begins to lose its nutrient content.

To store cabbage, keep it refrigerated in a plastic bag for up to a few days.

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